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The Dublin Games Guild is a wargaming club based in Gamers World in Dublin city centre. We meet on Wednesdays from 6pm onwards. We have dozens of members who play a huge ranges of games Warhammer 40,000, ,Warmachine/HORDES, 15mm, historical etc. Come join us any time or email us on dgg@gregfarrell.org to arrange a game

Saturday, 2 November 2013


Taking my lead from the venerable Mr. Frank I figure its about time I wrote down some of my random gaming thoughts....I do after all have a lot of them, So here goes!!!!

Recently I was thinking about my Tau army and its composition. I'm known widely for being a tournament focussed player and so will lean towards taking the units that suit my play style and are generally regarded as being strong choices. For Tau, this tends to see use of things like crisis suit commanders, Riptide suits, broadsides and skyrays. All very cool and very useful bits and pieces. This combined with a pretty solid knowledge of game mechanics has led me to doing quite well with my fish headed friends.


There's a whole codex full of excellent things to be used! They may not be the most competitive in the world, but using stuff that can be regarded as "sub optimal" can really add some interesting flavour and mechanics to what could potentially become a stale formula....The beginning of this journey for me was using a highlander style list and Gaelcon. No duplicates as much as possible! This led me to using Longstrike, a Razorshark fighter, a farsight geared commander...etc. Just because I could! It may not have been the most dominant list I ever put together, but it required some serious playing to get it to synergise and actually win some games! All in all I was really quite pleased with how I went (despite long strike being deliciously rubbish!), for the next tournament I'm not sure I'll take the same list, but it does have me looking at choices I might have previously looked past...Which leads me to speak about the DGG's latest campaign. In this event I've made every effort to use every unit available to me, this includes sniper teams, stealth suits, crisis teams and *shudder* Vespids! I must admit, its been fun! So get on it folks, play with all the toys you've bought....At the very least you'll have some laughs and at most you'll find something that might be the new broken!


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  1. Nice post Paul its good to get different views out there.

    Now the DGG blog is getting like Dublin bus nothing for a long time then two together lol.