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Saturday, 2 November 2013

40K The times they are a changing

Right before I get into what this post is about I want to try to explain why I put it here, I've got a blog of my own but when I set it up I decided I would never do certain type of post on it, that's the first reason.

If the Dublin Games Guild had been up & running before I set up my blog then I might never had set up my own, but now every time I go to log into my blog I see the DGG blog & think it a pity no one post on it, as the club has a lot of great hobbyist/gamers who are more then capable of posting interesting things.

Another place I could have put this is over on w-ired, but in the end I thought here might be a good place for it & who knows it just might get people posting here again.

So what is this post all about ? its about that white elephant in the room in 40K tournament paly know as forge world, you see once upon a time this was easy for TO's to deal with or anyone who played 40k to be honest.

You see in the dark old days you need your opponents permission to use FW model's or rules in 40k (he can still refuse you by not playing you btw) but a lot of things have changed since then & I'm not just talking about FW saying now you need only make sure you tell your opponents the rules so you can use their models or rules.

When did all this start to change ? well I think it might have been in the current IG codex when GW added unit like the Hydra & the Colossus but never released models for them meaning that player either build their own or bought FW ones.

Funny that isn't it I couldn't use a model like FW's Salamander scout vehicle but I could use A Colossus or a Griffon in any kind of game of 40k & I didn't need anyone to tell me I could, yet the only one that make these models is fw, confused I bet you are.

Next to try to fix things up came FW's came up with the stamp of approval which basically meant that any unit made by FW was in their opinion balanced enough to use in a normal game of 40k seems fair enough to me but not to everyone it seems.

I'll explain something that a lot of players might or might not have notices & that is if you think of GW & FW as two different companies then by that same line of thing you've got to think the same think about GW & BL (Black Library), so what all that means is we've got 3 different companies writhing the rules for 40K.

The ko blow & its this space marine chapter tactics, we've got codex space marines GW, sentinels of tarra BL & FW's space marines chapter tactics, but could I bring my Red Scorpions with their FW tactics to a tournament tomorrow ?

Now I'm going to bring this post to an end with which is I my opinion the strangest thing I've come across in 40k tournament play & it this, we're no longer banning thing on the bases of who made the model but on who has wrote the rules & it seem as long as its not FW its ok to use it, but what would happen if a codex came out tomorrow that said in each of the foc slots you may take FW units that are part or this codex army & are 40k aproved ?

Thank for taking the time out to read this post & feel free to leave a comment I've put the link to FW marines tactics below.


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