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Sunday, 2 December 2012

The biobomb mutates

The Biobomb has been going through some variations but interestingly they are happening at the start of each game. Biomancy is still the core of the list but Telekinesis and Telepathy are proving to be extremely useful. The flexibility of this shouldn't be underestimated! So what have I been finding out? There is still lots to learn in how to apply powers in this list!
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  1. I think the pp are another reason the nids have getting a big boost in 6th ed, as you so rightly said Mike & that ld test one on the 3d6 with no sv or cover sv been the default one is just silly.

    I remember saying it to John a good while back that one of the great thing about wolf guard was that you could see what you were facing before deciding how to use them, something I don't think wolf players took full advantage of.

    So good luck with the biobomb going forward I'll be watching with interest.