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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Pictureless musings on Daemonic journeys with IG

Hiya folks,
as the title says if you want pretty pictures then move on, nothing to see here on this post.

As some of ye know, I have been dabbling with IG of late and while they are based, they are unpainted because I do not honestly know if I will stick this course. So why did this course start? Flyers in a word, I don't like their ascendancy in 40K. The reasons are I think in a fluffy world of FNP Terminator troops, semi-invulnerable Daemons, robots saints and sinners (yes Thawn I mean you) that will not lie down quietly, that they have an all too non-fluffy relative invulnerability but tres commercial value in 6th Ed IMHO that will be eroded over time after many of us spend the cash to play GWs game (the real one not 40K). Daemons really don't have a decent answer to fliers (and before you state what I now know perhaps skim to the end).

I am a big fan of 6th Ed as it has the perfect answer for any army outside of Nids to any tactical problem ... Allies! So for anti-flyer I turned to IG after the Helldrake disappointed me personally in terms of both the model and its AA abilities (after all the pre-release hype).

First pass was shooty guard and I brought an allied contingent to replace my 2 Tzeentch Daemon Princes more or less points wise. I don't want to change my core ground assault Daemon list as I like the build. I opened with :
Fortification: Aegis Defence Line with a Quad Gun EmplacementHQ: Company Command Squad (CCS) with an Autocannon and an Officer of the Fleet Troops: Infantry Platoon with an Autocannon in each of the Infantry squads, a Commissar in one squad and 4 Flamers in the Platoon Command Squad (PCS) which typically rode in the Vendetta.Fast Attack: 1 Vendetta Gunship with Heavy Bolters.

What did I learn?
(a) If you don't hide the CCS they get taken out pretty quick which makes the Officer of the Fleet a useless spend
(b) More guns are needed for reliable AA duty(c) Heavy Bolters are a waste of time in this list for what the Vendetta has to do(d) Sometimes it's better to run than stand and fight (even if you get run down)(e) Sometimes orders fail!(f) The unit in the Vendetta will generally crash and burn so it's probably not a good idea to have passengers and if you do then don't kit them out.

Take 2 served me well at the most excellent Dominion Day 6 tournament in Belfast where I placed 3rd.
I ran changed take 1 slightly :-
Took vox casters on the CCS and dropped all the special weapons. Dropped the PCS special weapons. Dropped the Commissar and added a Hydra.

What did I learn?
(a) People cannot resist trying to take over your Quad gun, almost happened in 2 out of 5 tourney games but didn't.
(b) People fear the Quad gun so either it or the shooters will die quick, the shooters if there is not a lot cause you went with BS4 or the gun if you use the blob at BS3.
(c) Hydras scare people with flyers but they are not a hard target.
(d) Autocannons (even with plenty of shots and orders) are just not reliable at killing flyers
(e) Vendettas should hunt in packs
(f) Read the rules John, Grav Shute deployment is cool and some IG players know just the unit to put in them!
(g) the Take 1 and Take 2 approaches were too static for my daemon play style and as such were boring.
(h) Officer of the Fleet doesn't work very often (1 game out of the 5 in the event TBH) but when he did he definitely contributed big time to the big win!

So third and final take is a less static build and one that 'fits' the Daemon list in not just a synergistic way :-
HQ: Primaris Psyker with a preference for TelepathyElite: 7 Battle Psykers plus an OverseerTroops: Veteran Squad with Harker as the SargeantFast Attack: 2 Vendetta Gunships

So far this list feels the best fit for me, my Daemons and my playstyle. The Psykers deploy (and hide if necessary) at the outset and just add mischief to the list harassing back field Missile troops with Flak missiles who have intent to hurt Fatey. Taking Fearless away from fearless units is a very interesting tactical option as is Psychic Shriek on debilitated Leadership units. The Vendettas are a far more serious and reliable AA option, one might die early but the other (carrying the vets) tends to get the key kill(s) and gets to deploy the mischievous Harker Vets. 

I like this build because it has the rogue Psyker feel along with the assassin vets and is far more dynamic and tactically flexible which fits the way I like to play my Daemons (i.e. aggressively and in the opponents face), taking the fight to the enemy where I dictate. This is gonna get a run for a while and if I don't find this one fitting the bill I may go back to the 2 Tzeentch Daemon Princes (who I do miss to be fair). The only regret with this build is dropping the Officer of the Fleet but I am not prepared to break up my Daemon list of 9s for the sake of the IG which are only a support act (and a model that is even more randomly effective than the Daemons LOL). Not the most rational or WAAC rationales for list building but hey, the reason I switched for 6th was to enjoy a change and I am enjoying my Daemons and will only entertain things that add to the entertainment if you catch my drift.

So I am coming full cycle and as a Necron player of old am starting to feel more and more that flyers should be treated like Monoliths in 5th and largely ignored except for the few instances when you cannot, in which case you deal with them as best you can. For the meantime, I will play with Take 3 until it proves boring and ineffective.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

A Warhammer 40,000 Scenario - Christmas Carnage

Christmas Carnage
Christmas Carnage is a four player scenario. It will be played on a 6' x 4' table.

The Armies
Players may select an army to a maximum of 1000 points. The standard force organisation is not used, instead use the following. 1 HQ, 0-1 Elite, 1-2 Troops, 0-1 Fast Attack, 0-1 Heavy Support. If all these slots have been filled, the player may add an additional 0-1 Elites, 0-1 Troops, 0-1 Fast Attack, 0-1 Heavy Support.

Deployment zones are in the corners of the gaming board. Players roll off, with the highest roller having first choice of deployment zone, the second highest the next choice, the third highest roller gets third pick while the lowest roller gets whichever deployment zone is left. Players must deploy their units within 12" of the long table edge and 24" of the short table edge of their respective corner.

Players alternate deploying one unit at a time, starting with the player who chose his deployment zone first, followed by the second player, then the third player and finally the last player. After each player deploys a unit (and its Dedicated Transport if it has one), the process starts again with the first player deploying his second unit. Repeat until all units are deployed. Units with the Infiltrate USR may use it to deploy after all other non-infiltrating units. If more than one player wishes to use the Infiltrate USR, alternate units in the same order above.

Note that units may begin this scenario in reserve, but this must be declared before any models are deployed.

The turn
In this scenario, the turn is resolved differently than in regular games of Warhammer 40,000. Instead of each player taking a full turn, each player will move, then each player will shoot, then each player will launch assaults. The system is described below.

At the start of each turn, players roll off. The highest roller is designated "First Player", the next highest "Second Player", the next highest is "Third Player" and the lowest roller is "Fourth Player".

Movement Phase
The First Player takes his Movement Phase, followed by the Second Player, Third Player and Fourth Player in turn.

Shooting Phase
The First Player then takes his Shooting Phase, followed by the Second Player, Third Player and finally the Fourth Player.

Assault Phase
The First Player declares and resolves his assault moves. Then the Second Player does so, followed by the Third Player and the Fourth Player.

Once all Assault moves have been resolved, proceed to fight each combat. The First Player gets to choose which combat is resolved first. This may be a combat not including his own models if he wishes. Resolve this combat fully. The Second Player chooses the next combat, then the Third Player, then the Fourth Player, back to the First Player, and so on until all combats have been resolved.

Please note it is perfectly possible (and likely) for three or four way combats to occur. Combat results for such combats are worked out as normal. The player with the highest score wins the combat. If two players scores are tied, consider both to have won the combat. Neither takes break tests. All other players compare their combat score to the winner's score to determine their break test modifier. If more than one player has units remaining in the combat after these have been resolved, there will be no Sweeping advances possible and all units which fail their break tests will fall back.

When all assaults have been resolved, a new turn begins and the process starts over.


The objective for this game is the entrance to Santa's cave. This will be placed in the exact centre of the table. The player with the greatest number of models within 6" of the cave entry at the end of the game wins.

Ending the Game
The game ends randomly, although the game can possibly go beyond 7 turns as Christmas is so important to the participating armies.
Roll at the end of Turn 5 - Game ends on 1-2
Roll at the end of Turn 6 - Game ends on 1-3
Roll at the end of Turn 7 (or later turns) - Game ends on 1-4

Falling back
Units falling back do not fall back towards a table edge. Instead they will fall back towards the controlling player's corner.

Special Rule - Blizzard

The game occurs during a blizzard. Roll a D6 for the blizzard at the start of each turn.

1 Whiteout! - The entire table counts as difficult terrain. All shooting is limited to 12" range and is at -1 to hit.
2 Very Heavy Snow - Shooting is limited to a range of 18"
3 Heavy Snow - Shooting is limited to 24" range
4 Moderate Snow - Shooting is limited to 36" range
5 Light Snow - Shooting is limited to 48" range
6 Clear!

Special Rule - Christmas Presents

Santa and his elves have wrapped up a few presents for his rescuers and some booby traps for his enemies. Due to the poor conditions, these have been scattered around the battlefield. There are 8 present markers on the battlefield. Any non-vehicle model may open a present it comes into base contact with. Flip the marker and consult the following table. Players alternate placing present markers after deployment, starting with the player who deployed first, then second, then third, then fourth. No present marker may be more than 24" from the entrance to Santa's cave, or within 8" of any models, or within 6" of another present.

1 - Booby Trap! The model takes a S6 AP1 hit.
2 - This model and his unit gain Defensive Grenades.
3 - This model gets a one-shot only gun. S9 AP2 Assault 1.
4 - This model gets a Combi-Plasma Gun
5 - This model gets a Power Sword.
6 - This model gets a one-shot only gun. S5 AP5 Assault 4.
7 - This model and his unit gain Melta Bombs.
8 - Booby Trap! This model and his unit takes 2D6 S3 AP6 hits.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

The biobomb mutates

The Biobomb has been going through some variations but interestingly they are happening at the start of each game. Biomancy is still the core of the list but Telekinesis and Telepathy are proving to be extremely useful. The flexibility of this shouldn't be underestimated! So what have I been finding out? There is still lots to learn in how to apply powers in this list!
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