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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The things you learn...

So I spent alot of time flying this week and I spent some time rereading the rulebook.

I always fine that after playing a dozen or so games of a new ruleset or codex that it is a good idea to take a look again at some of the finer rules. You always find

So what did I miss first time out? Did you miss any of these too?

  • Running does not ignore dangerous terrain anymore pg 14
  • Random allocation  to shooting - if you can't tell who is closest randomise between models
  • When allocating cover from a units shooting, if any ONE firer from a squad can see 75% or less of a model then that model gets cover from shooting Pg 18
  • If a model is completely visible but a firing squad is shooting between intervening models  then the model gets cover- great way to get cover for your monstrous creatures /vehicles  if you are smart (shot must go through not over) Pg 18
  • Focus Fire can work on a particular type of cover save as well as no cover save - sniping potential
  • Overwatch shots are treated as normal shooting attacks so can focus fire - stop the charge by forcing broken coherency?
  • Overwatch shots are treated as normal shooting attacks so LOS is needed 
  • Sweeping advances, end of combat pile ins and consolidations occur as a step in the fight sub phase (determine results)... so no waiting to see how other combats go before you decide what your guys are going to do.
  • You no longer have to hit the model you are in base contact with if you are engaged with a model from another unit also... pick on that easy to kill guy! Pg 28
  • Planes have evade.. Monstrous creatures have Dive.
  • Templates ignore focus fire - so flame the nearest guys in the building and shoot the guys who are out of cover.
  • Smash allows you to reroll armour pens
  • Monstrous creatures hit by a tank shock get to make 1 close combat attack if they death or glory - as it is a close combat attack they can choose to smash and still have 1 attack - Nice!
  • Fortifications that are on the table but bought for you or your opponent count as having an AV 2 less than regular (Dilapidated)
  • Focused witchfire powers are only focused if you roll less than a 5 on your psychic test (that sucks unless you are eldrad!)
  • When generating psychic powers you can select from multiple disciplines so choose wisely based on results.
Only reread about half the book so maybe there will be some more observations on the flight home.

Anything you found interesting there? I hope so!

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  1. Did you also notices that Mc get a cover save just by been in the terrain Mike ?