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Thursday, 29 November 2012

A Warhammer 40,000 Scenario - The Infiltration of Power Station XT5

Pedro Kantor stepped up to the dias in the Strategium on board the Battle Barge "Eternal Vigilance". He looked around at his assembled Captains and Sergeants before turning back to the Hololith. "Brothers, I can no longer justify the continued prosecution of this war. We have sacrificed much but Diablos IV is soon to be lost to us. However, I will not allow the Tyranids to consolidate their gains here. Captain Cortez will lead a small strike force to infiltrate Power Station XT5. Their goal will be to set charges inside the nuclear reactor to destroy the station and contaminate the bio-mass the Tyranids intend to consume.

As the Crimson Fists filed out of the strategium, Kantor placed his hand on Cortez' shoulder. "A moment, Brother". Cortez held back until the other Captains and Sergeants had left and turned to his old friend. "Pedro...". Kantor cut him off. "Alessio, my friend, this mission is important, yes, but the continued survival of the chapter is imperative. May the Emperor watch over you."

This scenario takes place in the late stages of the invasion of the planet Diablos IV by Hive Fleet Nagaina. The historic battle was between the Crimson Fists Space Marines and the Tyranids, but could be modified to suit any two armies. This scenario is not suitable for tournament play for obvious reasons.

To represent the tangled ruins of the power station, the warren of corridors will be represented by a Space Hulk board (the squares are ignored). The standard Warhammer 40,000 rules will be used with the following modifications.

The Infiltration
Initially, the Tyranid forces are unaware of the presence of the Space Marines. The Tyranid player deploys six sentry broods of five Termagants each, within 6" of the objective rooms. These will move along the corridors in the same direction each turn until they reach an intersection, at which point the Tyranid player should randomise whether the brood will turn or continue in the same direction. The Space Marines are under the control of their player as normal.

This stage of the game ends immediately if any Tyranid model can draw Line of Sight to any Space Marine model.

The Battle
As soon as the Infiltration stage ends, the battle stage begins. The Tyranid models immediately come under full control of their player and play continues.

The Power Station
The corridors of the power station are damaged from previous battles, cramped and piled high with debris. They count as difficult terrain to all models (including those who would normally ignore difficult terrain), with the exception of all models mounted on 25mm bases with a 5+ armour save or worse.

The tangled corridors provide plenty of cover. All models have a 5+ cover save at all times. Increase this save by 1 for each full 8" between shooter and target.

Due to the size of the corridors, only Infantry (but not Jump or Jet Infantry) and Beasts models may participate in this scenario.

All models in this scenario are Fearless. The Space Marines know there is nowhere to fall back to, while the Tyranid Hive Mind is strong here and all models are assumed to be in Synapse range at all times.

Due to the tight nature of the corridors, when a blast weapon scatters it will stop when it contacts a wall. Find the point where the centre of the blast contacts the wall and resolve the blast there.

The Space Marine player must set charges to blow the nuclear reactor. To do this they must enter the objective rooms and assault the objectives. The charges will be set automatically. They must then escape the facility.

The Tyranid player's objective is to wipe out the enemy.

Space Marines
5 VPs for setting charges on each objective.
1 VP for every escaping Space Marine.

1 VP for every Space Marine who doesn't escape.

The Space Marines may not escape until at least one objective has charges set on it.

Ending the gameThe game ends seven turns after the first charge is set.

Tyranid ReinforcementsThe Tyranid player rolls on each of the following tables at the start of each of his turns in the Battle Stage of the game.

Table A
1 - 5 Ripper Swarms
2 - 10 Termagants
3 - 10 Termagants
4 - 5 Termagants (upgrade to Devourers)
5 - 10 Hormagaunts
6 - 5 Genestealers

Table B
1 - 2 Warriors
2 - 2 Warriors (upgrade Devourers to Rending Claws)
3 - 2 Raveners
4 - 2 Raveners (upgrade to Rending Claws)
5 - Hive Guard
6 - Genestealer Broodlord

These reinforcements roll on the following table to determine their arrival entrance.
1-4 Entrance on the Tyranid player's side of the table
5 Entrance on either flank
6 Entrance on the Space Marine's side of the table.

Crimson Fists Strike Force CortezCaptain Alessio Cortez with Artificer Armour, Combi-Meltagun and Power Fist
Terminator Squad (5) with Assault Cannon
Tactical Squad (10) with Flamer, Missile Launcher. Sgt. with Combi-Flamer, Power Fist.
Tactical Squad (10) with Meltagun, Missile Laucher. Sgt. with Combi-Meltagun, Power Fist.
Scout Squad (5) with Sniper Rifles, Camo Cloaks.

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  1. This looked cool on the spacehulk board:-)
    Look forward to hearing how it played out.
    Would make a great special mission in a campaign or apoc game