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Sunday, 28 October 2012

How to gun carriages

I'm going to do a walk through on how to make a gun carriage like the one in the picture above.
So what you will need for this is some .5mm plastic card, some wheels ideally 10mm or 12mm dia, some heavy & little sprue, a heavy weapon & a face plate.
Start by cutting 1 piece of plastic card 40mm x 40mm & 18mm x 18mm, now glue the small piece to the larger piece in the centre at one end.
Next take a piece of the smaller sprue & lay it down with one side lining up from the corner for the small piece to the coner of the large piece.

Now cut out the shape of of the carriage beaning careful not to snap off the arms then cut a piece of small the  spure for each arm.

Put a little bevel on the end of the of the pieces of sprue for the arms & glue to the card.

Cut two pieces of the heavy sprue 18mm long & glue them in place agaian putting a little bevel on the ends where the arms are.

For a bit of detail add a few rivets ( water filter ) make a little indentation where you want each rivet to go.

Now just glue on the wheels,gunplate & gun then base & paint.

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  1. Very clever Mr. Frank, I may well have to steal this.