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Sunday, 28 October 2012

How to gun carriages

I'm going to do a walk through on how to make a gun carriage like the one in the picture above.
So what you will need for this is some .5mm plastic card, some wheels ideally 10mm or 12mm dia, some heavy & little sprue, a heavy weapon & a face plate.
Start by cutting 1 piece of plastic card 40mm x 40mm & 18mm x 18mm, now glue the small piece to the larger piece in the centre at one end.
Next take a piece of the smaller sprue & lay it down with one side lining up from the corner for the small piece to the coner of the large piece.

Now cut out the shape of of the carriage beaning careful not to snap off the arms then cut a piece of small the  spure for each arm.

Put a little bevel on the end of the of the pieces of sprue for the arms & glue to the card.

Cut two pieces of the heavy sprue 18mm long & glue them in place agaian putting a little bevel on the ends where the arms are.

For a bit of detail add a few rivets ( water filter ) make a little indentation where you want each rivet to go.

Now just glue on the wheels,gunplate & gun then base & paint.

Monday, 22 October 2012

The Battle for Valamur

The Last Chancers and the Dublin Games Guild all Saturday in the Hobby Shack in Wicklow town.

16 players took part with 8 pre games determining the availablility of strategic assets and a follow up game of Apocalypse with ~44000 points!!  The event was a massive success overall with the forces of

So how did the event play out?

We were under time pressure so I didn't get as many photos or videos as I would like unfortunately... but the terrain standard was excellent and the attitude of the players superb. The 8 games were played out over 8 different world scapes - Ash Waste, Forrest world, mountain pass, Airfield etc.  Each game was playing for a different asset.
The Tyranids won Recon,  a Strat redeploy, a Replacements and deforestation assets. No-one managed to pick up the Ambush, Vortex grenade, Orbital Bombardment or Shield Generator (Drawn games). The forces arrayed against the hivemind picked up the Surgical raids.

So with that the setup of the final stages of the Tyranid infestation were played out. All of the other races; Tau, Eldar, Orks, Chaos and Marines were making a final - desperate - stand against the hive mind. No-one wants to be eaten I guess!

The battle is fought over the city named New Frank City in the organisers honour!
I am sure you will agree this is a very cool looking board, made up of 5 6*4 boards.

The Defenders setup in the center of the table  as follows

The Tyranids were broken into 3 forces and the area they were going to assault was determined randomly.
Commander Deredus (Marneus Calgar) lead the marines, wolves and Chaos in defence of the northern shrine and the Central administration.
The southern shrine was abandoned to the tyranids.
The Ork Warlord and his 4 stompas lead the central location (Fortress of redemption) supported by Chaos (dedicated to tzeentch), Eldar and Tau
Draigo, grey knights and chaos forces were charged with holding the communications rely and landing pads

The Swarmlord , gaunt horde and Tyrgons were assigned to cutting communications and confusing the last remaining imperial fleets into targetting the wrong locations with their barrages.
The Broodfather and the stealer hordes were already secreted in buildings all over the central administration district ready to deal the final blows.
Old One Eye led a force of heavy beasts to shut down the PDF HQ
The Parasite and Harridan were to sweep in on turn 2 leading the winged horde - blocking out the sun on their rivals.

With that the Game kicked off in earnest - the win conditions were simple, if the 10% or more of the defenders survived the encircling onslaught they would be victorious.


Battle for the Comms Relay

The Gaunt Horde arrived, immediately surrounding the grey knight and chaos forces. The undercity must have been made of ferrocrete as the Trygons all got confused and scattered all over the place!
Draigo rests control of the relay from the Chaos forces, originally charged with its targetting, in order to rescue his brothers in arms to his rear. Leaving the Chaos forces to face the might of  the swarmlord and his coven of hive tyrants.

Assault on the Valamuran PDF HQ

The horde of tank bugs rolled into the central city district intent on smashing the stompa force first and then heading in to assault the PDF HQ directly. Spearheaded by 3 Hierodules the big bugs did serious damage to one stompa and hunkered down to take the return fire, losing 3 carnifexes to a torrent of stompa shots
Meanwhile on the western side of the fortress a horde of tyranid warriors led by primes charged the Saim Hann Lines.

Defense of Administration District
To the south Magos Mhantain, leading from the observation deck of a commandeered Stormlord superheavy, commanded the genestealer hybrid forces from the front supported by full genestealer broods ,ymgarl strains and supporting warrior broods.In the north a mighty broodlord was leading hordes of genestealers in the assault on the complex, unbeknownst to the defenders many nests had been seeded throughout the buildings.


Battle for the Comms Relay
The Tyrants combine to destroy the frontline chaos forces with wordbearer marines &  terminators and close in on their primary objective. The barrage is unable to fire this turn as the objective is contested.  A Mawloc explodes right under the chaos havocs killing many and scattering others.
A horde of 30 gaunts crashes into 3 razorbacks in a wave forcing the knights inside to disembark and face the full fury of the horde.

A counter attack by draigo and his terminators kills the mawloc, a tyrant and they return to the lee of the comms relay to escape the arrival of the doom of malantai  who appears to suck the life essence from Chaos and Grey knight alike.

Assault on the Valamuran PDF HQ
The ominous beat of giant wings signaled the arrival of the Harridan and the first waves of Gargoyles to really add some bulk to the Tank Bugs assault. There was so many Gargoyles in the air the sun was blotted out .... nightfighting to target anything within 24 inches!

Now THAT is one big giant flying monster!!

Concentrated fire from 5 tyrannofexes and the shooty Hierodule crump the first of the stompas and deal minor damage to another....Once again return fire culls 2 carnifexes and badly wounds a hierodule, one tyrannofex is assaulted by a chaos Daemon prince intent on silencing it's guns, while another is assaulted by a number of Dark Angels intent on selling their lives dearly to stop the mighty creature from firing. A pod of Zoanthropes drop in and cause the collapse of the central tower in the PDF HQ, the Tau railguns jump from the roof but all bar one of them activate their retrojets before smashing into the ground.

Defense of Administration District
Extreme prejudice against the eldar continued with the stormlord whitling down the eldar before they were charged by a squad of Tyranid warriors.

Pictcapt of the assault on the main building!

The assault was repulsed by the dug in marines having taken most of the enemies attention but not without huge losses. The Broodlord himself was just about to assault the main lines with his remaining retinue when a nurgle biker lord screamed around the corner of the building and the retinue. The broodlord challenged the lord to combat and hypnotised him but couldn't wound him.

Lictors tried to assasinate the honour guard

The Ymgarls took the second Shrine and engage the demon engines. Both shrines were now lost to the defenders.

Mid Game the center table looked like this:

Battle for the Comms Relay
The Tyranids have the upper hand but Draigo and his terminators are not prepared to go down without a fight.Eventually 25 Hormagaunts managed to drag Daigo to the floor and kill him, but not before Draigo took another Tyrant apart.
A lone plaguemarine survives another turn alive amongst a tempest of 30 hormagaunts. He made 26 saves betwen turn 2 and turn 3, failed 2 and passed both FNP !! what a hero. At the bottom of turn 3 the final plaguemarine succumbed to the tide although his putrid body was left unconsumed by the gaunts. He had single handedly held up the left flank.
After killing the final Landraider a huge swarm of gaunts crept around the corner and their fleshborers found weakspots in all the terminator's armour.

Assault on the Valamuran PDF HQ

A mighty assault develops with 6 Killa Kans, Two Deff Dreads and 2 Stompas engaging in a true clash of the titans against 5 Carnifexes (including old one eye) and 2 scythed Hierodules....Over the next two turns they'd whack away at each other...This turn saw 3 kans drop, a deff dread, a stompa and a hierodule dropping! The tyrannofexes on the other flanks continued to be held up by lesser foes and shooting managed to do minor damage to the HQ complex.

Defense of Administration District
The Magos directed his stormlord to target the newly arrived Vampire superheavy. On the ground the Ymgarl stealers rip the pilots of the ravenwing speeders.
The Broodlord & Nurgle lord fight another round ... the nurgle lord is hypnotised again and the Broodlord fails to wound him.
Fresh from dropping his gargoyle broods on the the harridan  engages the vampire in a short range fire fight.

Contact at  5 O' Clock ... what the Frak!

Fresh from the conflict in the north, the harridan engages the Vampire in a short range fire fight. despite multiple hits the holofields save the vampire from serious damage and it redeploys.


Battle for the Comms Relay
In a last desperate effort to clear the comm relay of encroaching bugs Vampire flight is called into action.

Which immediately vaporises 2 trygons who had been terrorising grey knight defenders.
The Chaos also send in a supporting Hellblade which was quickly forced into evasive maneouveres and forced to leave the table.

Assault on the Valamuran PDF HQ

The mighty assault ends with one Hierodule (wounded) and 1 Carnifex managing to walk away from the absolute carnage. With the aid of the swooping hordes Gargoyles all the tank bugs are freed up to assault the HQ directly in turn 5.

Defense of Administration District
Heavily damaged in the previous turn, the stormlord switches attention to the nearby nightwing but the nimble eldar fighter danced through the hail of fire.
The stalemate between the rehypnotised Nurgle biker and the Broodlord continues.
The Harridan was not able to match the speed of the vampire hunter  and directed its attention to a nearby baneblade... taking 7 structure points off it and ripping weapons apart but not killing it.

Battle for the Comms Relay
The last few defenders are ripped apart and the weapons of the dead defenders are turned against their allies  in the main complex. The Commander himself was wounded and but for eternal warrior would have joined his allies.

Assault on the Valamuran PDF HQ
The tank bugs assault on mass the HQ and destroy it utterly! Killing/eating everything in the complex...The hierodule, flushed with its early giant killing victory finds a horde of it's cultists a the edge of the administration district , thrashing through the building and killing them all. The building was so utterly destroyed that the command systems for the missile systems were also destroyed

Defense of Administration District
The immobilised and severely damaged and the nearby cult forces shoot down newly arrived ork flyers and the Magos consolidates into the nearby shrine. Again the broodlord hypnotises the nurgle lord and finally... fails to wound him again!.
The Harridan crashed to the ground as the marine forces hit it with everything at their disposal...the glory went to a lone ravenwing pilot who inflicted the killing blow with the trusty heavy bolter. The joy of the defenders was short lived though as a second Harridan dived in to finish off the Baneblade.
The stormlord again tried to track the Nightwing but it slipped through the defences and its lances bored through the ceramite armour of the stormlord igniting its weapons stores and causing a massive apocalyptic explosion. The nightwing pilot had the pleasure of rolling the 4D6 explosion and rolled a massive... 8 inches :)

This still was sufficient to cleanse the southern district with nuclear fire... including the Magos... he might stick to limos in the future!

What a game. The best game of 40k I have had in ages. Huge thanks to everyone and in particular to Frank for organising and to the Hobby shack for hosting - really nice space for

Oh and if you want to know who won?  The Tyranids *only* managed to kill 75% of the allied forces. Nowhere near the 10% required for a victory but in truth I think everyone won.

There are already rumours afoot for the next Apoc event in a few months... Demons (with all 4 giant Forgeworld demons) and Eldar.
Now that is something to look forward to!

Friday, 19 October 2012

The Tyranid Horde Assembles

The Doom of Valamur campaign day is happening tomorrow at the Hobby Shack about 14 players so 30,000 points
Mike needed to get all of his Tyranids out for inspection.... here is what he found when he emptied his boxes!

This will be epic !

Expect some video reports on the story next week.

Valamur is Doomed

The Doom of Valamur - Campaign  day
The ongoing combats in the Valamur system have drawn in combatants on multiple fronts but outposts on the outer fringes have suddenly gone dark.  The latest report picked up by the imperial commisarat was
 ++++Priority 1 ++++ Send Reinforcements... send everything ...they are everywhere. Emperors light protect +++ 
The following pict image was attached to the transmission.
No futher communications have been possible.

Franks Conversion Corner

Frank has been hard at it once again... Learn how to make your very own Capillary towers that look great!

I am hoping these will be making an appearance around anphelion base for the interclub apocalypse tomorrow.

Read more on Frank's blog ifitwasntforone

Thursday, 11 October 2012

2013 Anyone But Frank Challenge - Chaos Space Marines

So with the release of the Chaos Marines Codex yesterday, the planning for my ABF army can start in earnest for next year's NWG tournament. Here's my army list at first glance at the book, this will likely change over the course of the next year. I'm more interested in collecting an army that will be interesting to play with and against rather than the traditional spammy tournament army list style.

Chaos Lord (185) - Lightning Claw, Power Fist, Sigil of Corruption, Dimensional Key. Mark of Slaanesh, Gift of Mutation, Veteran of the Long War.

Sorcerer (195) - Plasma Pistol, Force Axe, Sigil of Corruption, Spell Familiar. Mark of Slaanesh, Mastery Level 3 (2 Slaanesh, 1 Biomancy), Gift of Mutation, Veteran of the Long War.

Helbrute (120) - Heavy Flamer

10 Chaos Space Marines (258) - Close Combat Weapons, 2 Plasma Guns, Mark of Slaanesh, Veterans of the Long War. Aspiring Champion w/Plasma Pistol, Power Sword, Gift of Mutation.

6 Noise Marines (173) - 5 Sonic Blasters, Veterans of the Long War. Noise Champion w/Doom Siren, Power Sword, Gift of Mutation.

6 Noise Marines (173) - 5 Sonic Blasters, Veterans of the Long War. Noise Champion w/Doom Siren, Power Sword, Gift of Mutation.

20 Chaos Cultists (118) - 18 Autoguns, 2 Heavy Stubbers.

20 Chaos Cultists (100) - 2 Flamers.

20 Chaos Cultists (100) - 2 Flamers.

Heldrake (170)

3 Obliterators (210)

Defiler (195)

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Celestine Does Saxony

Darraghs Sisters of Steel face off - Can Celestine lead the girls  to victory?

Saxony part 1
Saxony part 2

Check out our foreign DGG brother here http://dakeryus-blogofwar.blogspot.de/

A weekend of painting and modelling

First up we have a Tervigon, beautiful model to assemble but it takes alot of painting! Little discoveries here are that brown ink is still awesome, dip does a passable impression of it and the discovery of a new colour... Carroburg Crimson, lovely colour over both browns (on the nests) and pinks (the Tervigons belly)

New Zoanthropes
I love these models. Great detail, light and drilled for a base mount and little cleaning
The Blade face models

The Tendril feeder versions

The lotus seed pod based conversions came out great below you can see a warrior based one, 2 genestealer ones and a gaunt one. You can also see the whole lot of them in a batch. All still need basing to be fully finished.

Lastly 2 spore pods painted - still need to add some Tendril arms... open to ideas how to make new ones! and still need to base them all of course.

As usual all Tyranid stuff can be seen on http://nidomnom.blogspot.ie/

How to jump packs


how to jump packs

Were going to have a look at a simple little way to make your jump troops look a bit more realistic.
So here's a little walk through for anyone who is interested.

take a base & a paper clip drill two little holes a few mm apart.

a marine with a jump pack remove the marine from the bas& drill two little holes in the jump pack

next straighten  out the clip & fold it in half then put the two ends through the holes  putting a little bit of super glue on the under side. 

 put a slight bend (45%) about 10mm from the ends of the clip & then test it by stick the ends into the holes in the jump pack.
 now take a a tree & cut some of the little pieces of it as seen above & fix them to the clips a small little bit of painters caulk on the wires is great for fixing them

 now spray it black & then after a minute or two spray with a little white so it should then look like this
 now just add marine tip don't glue the marine on for ease of transport
 & that folks is that one jumping marine hope this helps.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Tyranid Spores and Brood nests

Only thought about putting a post up on this work in progress after I was most of the way through. I picked up 20 Lotus seed pods from a flower wholesaler (about 10 euro). I have been playing around with them and my Bitz box for the last few days.

As per the advice from http://ifitwasntforone.blogspot.ie/. I coated these with watered down PVA glue which has helped stiften them up and help paint to stick (took ages to dry). I have gone with a yellower base colour than my brown tyranids as I went the bugs crawling out of them to stand out.


Brood Nests

More about Mike's Tyranids can be found on http://nidomnom.blogspot.ie/

New Zoanthropes

I picked up 6 floating aliens from Troll Forged that I am going to be using as Zoanthropes.

I think they are pretty nice resin models. They only had a small amount of clean up and the two types of posable heads make it easy to have different squads too.

The basing material is just the insides of Lotus seed pods which are proving to be tremendously versatile!

More about Mike's Tyranids can be found on http://nidomnom.blogspot.ie/

Thursday, 4 October 2012

How-to make Brood nests or Mycetic spores

Franks Conversion Corner

3 Euro                                          V              30 Euro

I just bought myself some Lotus Seed pods - these guys will look awesome fully painted and look dead easy to do. I think 2 back to back might make great Mycetic spores too.

To find out how just read more

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Tzeentch introduces BOO

Courtesy of his ETC experiences John has a new favourite model ... meet BOO and his tzeentchian friends. A journey into a new army! Word on the wind is that BOO is whispering of glories in the ear of a Guard platoon.. where will that lead!

Read more on John's Blog

Tyranid Biobomb

Mike has started to put together a Tyranid army with a ton of bio buffs. Read about his experiences and how the mighty Zoanthrope will change how you play your Nids! Here they come....


Meiotic Spores

Welcome to Franks Conversion Corner.

Todays topic is How-to-make ... Meiotic spores
Not drop pods... these are the bigger nastier version of spore mines from Forge world

Watch the conversion wizard in action !

Just click here for a step by step guide