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Friday, 28 September 2012

Assault on Corona Secundus - A Warhammer 40,000 campaign

Corona Secundus was discovered during the Great Crusade. The original inhabitants of the planet were known as the Drusheen, a race of primitive aliens who were quite easily wiped out by the detachment of Ultramarines and Imperial Army sent to bring the planet to compliance. It was discovered that the planet was suitable for human settlement and well suited to agriculture and was designated as an agri-world. Strange metal pylons were found at the poles as well as at equal points along the planet's equator, but no purpose for these could be discovered. Due to it's remote location, Corona Secundus was untouched by the Horus Heresy and continued to produce huge volumes of grain for the Imperium, all the while more and more of the world's dense forest was cut down for more arable land. Life continued for generations until the discovery of large reserves of promethium buried deep in the planet's bedrock in 546.M40. Over the next few centuries promethium drilling and refining became a major industry on the planet and large cities began to develop for the first time.

The planet was cut off from contact with all external contact by warp storms by 822.M40. Recently, these storms have receded and an explorator fleet was sent to the planet. On arrival the fleet discovered no trace of any surviving citizens, the cities had fallen into ruin and the vast forests had begun to reclaim what had formerly had been farmland. Further exploration by Inquisitor Hauptmann confirmed that the planet itself had been touched by the warp and was tainted and therefore unsuitable for immediate recolonisation, while the Adeptus Mechanicus confirmed that the remaining promethium reserves were still present and suitable for extraction. Inquisitor Hauptmann has discovered a weakening in the barriers between the physical universe and the warp. Daemons have begun to appear, originally in small numbers but as the taint begins to spread, they are becoming stronger. A legion of renegade Chaos Space Marines have designs on the planet, two seperate Tyranid splinter fleets are en-route, the Imperium has sent a strike force of Grey Knights to fight the daemonic incursion, while an Iron Hands battle barge and a force of Space Wolves have been re-routed to the defence of the planet. Reports also speak of walking automatons.

And so the battle for Corona Secundus begins........

The CampaignAssault on Corona Secundus is a campaign for Warhammer 40,000. Players will start off with smaller forces of about 1000 points and this will build up over the course of the campaign with the top four players fighting the final battle to decide the ultimate fate of the planet. The campaign will last for about 8 weeks, although this is subject to change depending on player interest.

The Warlord
Each player must select a HQ choice to be their Warlord for the campaign before the first game week. This HQ choice must be used in every game over the course of the campaign, and must have the same equipment and wargear each time. This Warlord may not be a special character. His characteristics and abilities may change over the course of the campaign.

At the end of each game, the player may roll on the bonus table if he wins the game and for each time his Warlord kills an opposing Independent Character or Monstrous Creature (The Warlord must personally make the killing attack).  If the Warlord is killed during the game he must roll on the penalty table. All bonuses and penalties are cumulative and permanent (unless stated otherwise) and no characteristic may be raised above 10 or lowered below 1. Players must re-roll should this occur, or if he gains a USR he already possesses.

Bonus Table (2D6)
2 : +1 Wound
3 : +1 Toughness
4 : +1 Strength
5 : +1 Initiative
6 : +1 Weapon Skill
7 : Gains Fearless USR
8 : May re-equip. Choose a new set of wargear for the Warlord if desired.
9 : +1 Ballistic Skill
10 : +1 Attack
11 : +1 Leadership
12 : Gains Eternal Warrior USR

Penalty Table (2D6)
2 : -1 Wound
3 : -1 Toughness
4 : -1 Weapon Skill
5 : -1 Initiative
6 : Reduce D3 randomly selected characteristics by 1 (excluding Ld and Sv) for the next game only
7 : Miss the next game
8 : Reduce D3 randomly selected characteristics by 1 (excluding Ld and Sv) for the next game only
9 : Reduce all characteristics by 1 (excluding Ld and Sv) for the next game only
10 : -1 Ballistic Skill
11 : -1 Strength
12 : -1 Attack

Each week games will be prepared for players who declare themselves available to play. These will be specially written scenarios for each game. Players will be provided with a briefing in advance of their game which will detail the scenario to be played along with the objectives the player will be aiming to complete. Players will not be informed of their opponent's objectives. The briefing will include the force organisation chart for the scenario and any restrictions on what may be fielded. These will often be non-standard, so players should be prepared for that. It is not necessary for a player to play in every week of the campaign

Non-Game Actions
Some weeks, players will receive the option to choose an action to take from a list of options. This may have an effect on which opponent they will play, give bonuses to the next game or change the restrictions on their armies.

Scoring System
Each objective will be allocated a number of campaign points (CPs), which a player will earn by completing their objectives. The total number of campaign points available may vary from week to week. The maximum number of CPs available each game week will be the same for all players.

The Final Battle
The top four scoring players will advance to the final battle of the campaign, which will be an Apocalypse game. The winner of this game wins the campaign. Players who qualify may build their armies to a points value not exceeding the number of Campaign Points that they have scored. Non-qualifying players and guest players will also be accommodated in this game should they wish, but with smaller forces and their own objectives, but will not be eligible to win the campaign.

The Narrative
A narrative will be written over the course of the campaign. Anyone who wishes to contribute is welcome to do so.

And Finally - Don't Be A Prick
We're all here to play games and have fun, not to slaughter our opponents with hardcore tournament lists or make our opponents cry. Just remember, the organiser controls your scenarios and what your army may contain. Hopefully it will not be necessary, but the organiser can make "random events" happen mid game if he need to.

The Players
Alan Condren - Chaos Space Marines
Frank O'Donnell - Tyranids
Ger O'Brien - Space Wolves
John Stowe - Daemons
Mike Tangney - Tyranids
Paul Quigley - Necrons
Pearce Condren - Tyranids
Philip Johnston - Iron Hands
Ralph Risk - Grey Knights