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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Pictureless musings on Daemonic journeys with IG

Hiya folks,
as the title says if you want pretty pictures then move on, nothing to see here on this post.

As some of ye know, I have been dabbling with IG of late and while they are based, they are unpainted because I do not honestly know if I will stick this course. So why did this course start? Flyers in a word, I don't like their ascendancy in 40K. The reasons are I think in a fluffy world of FNP Terminator troops, semi-invulnerable Daemons, robots saints and sinners (yes Thawn I mean you) that will not lie down quietly, that they have an all too non-fluffy relative invulnerability but tres commercial value in 6th Ed IMHO that will be eroded over time after many of us spend the cash to play GWs game (the real one not 40K). Daemons really don't have a decent answer to fliers (and before you state what I now know perhaps skim to the end).

I am a big fan of 6th Ed as it has the perfect answer for any army outside of Nids to any tactical problem ... Allies! So for anti-flyer I turned to IG after the Helldrake disappointed me personally in terms of both the model and its AA abilities (after all the pre-release hype).

First pass was shooty guard and I brought an allied contingent to replace my 2 Tzeentch Daemon Princes more or less points wise. I don't want to change my core ground assault Daemon list as I like the build. I opened with :
Fortification: Aegis Defence Line with a Quad Gun EmplacementHQ: Company Command Squad (CCS) with an Autocannon and an Officer of the Fleet Troops: Infantry Platoon with an Autocannon in each of the Infantry squads, a Commissar in one squad and 4 Flamers in the Platoon Command Squad (PCS) which typically rode in the Vendetta.Fast Attack: 1 Vendetta Gunship with Heavy Bolters.

What did I learn?
(a) If you don't hide the CCS they get taken out pretty quick which makes the Officer of the Fleet a useless spend
(b) More guns are needed for reliable AA duty(c) Heavy Bolters are a waste of time in this list for what the Vendetta has to do(d) Sometimes it's better to run than stand and fight (even if you get run down)(e) Sometimes orders fail!(f) The unit in the Vendetta will generally crash and burn so it's probably not a good idea to have passengers and if you do then don't kit them out.

Take 2 served me well at the most excellent Dominion Day 6 tournament in Belfast where I placed 3rd.
I ran changed take 1 slightly :-
Took vox casters on the CCS and dropped all the special weapons. Dropped the PCS special weapons. Dropped the Commissar and added a Hydra.

What did I learn?
(a) People cannot resist trying to take over your Quad gun, almost happened in 2 out of 5 tourney games but didn't.
(b) People fear the Quad gun so either it or the shooters will die quick, the shooters if there is not a lot cause you went with BS4 or the gun if you use the blob at BS3.
(c) Hydras scare people with flyers but they are not a hard target.
(d) Autocannons (even with plenty of shots and orders) are just not reliable at killing flyers
(e) Vendettas should hunt in packs
(f) Read the rules John, Grav Shute deployment is cool and some IG players know just the unit to put in them!
(g) the Take 1 and Take 2 approaches were too static for my daemon play style and as such were boring.
(h) Officer of the Fleet doesn't work very often (1 game out of the 5 in the event TBH) but when he did he definitely contributed big time to the big win!

So third and final take is a less static build and one that 'fits' the Daemon list in not just a synergistic way :-
HQ: Primaris Psyker with a preference for TelepathyElite: 7 Battle Psykers plus an OverseerTroops: Veteran Squad with Harker as the SargeantFast Attack: 2 Vendetta Gunships

So far this list feels the best fit for me, my Daemons and my playstyle. The Psykers deploy (and hide if necessary) at the outset and just add mischief to the list harassing back field Missile troops with Flak missiles who have intent to hurt Fatey. Taking Fearless away from fearless units is a very interesting tactical option as is Psychic Shriek on debilitated Leadership units. The Vendettas are a far more serious and reliable AA option, one might die early but the other (carrying the vets) tends to get the key kill(s) and gets to deploy the mischievous Harker Vets. 

I like this build because it has the rogue Psyker feel along with the assassin vets and is far more dynamic and tactically flexible which fits the way I like to play my Daemons (i.e. aggressively and in the opponents face), taking the fight to the enemy where I dictate. This is gonna get a run for a while and if I don't find this one fitting the bill I may go back to the 2 Tzeentch Daemon Princes (who I do miss to be fair). The only regret with this build is dropping the Officer of the Fleet but I am not prepared to break up my Daemon list of 9s for the sake of the IG which are only a support act (and a model that is even more randomly effective than the Daemons LOL). Not the most rational or WAAC rationales for list building but hey, the reason I switched for 6th was to enjoy a change and I am enjoying my Daemons and will only entertain things that add to the entertainment if you catch my drift.

So I am coming full cycle and as a Necron player of old am starting to feel more and more that flyers should be treated like Monoliths in 5th and largely ignored except for the few instances when you cannot, in which case you deal with them as best you can. For the meantime, I will play with Take 3 until it proves boring and ineffective.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

A Warhammer 40,000 Scenario - Christmas Carnage

Christmas Carnage
Christmas Carnage is a four player scenario. It will be played on a 6' x 4' table.

The Armies
Players may select an army to a maximum of 1000 points. The standard force organisation is not used, instead use the following. 1 HQ, 0-1 Elite, 1-2 Troops, 0-1 Fast Attack, 0-1 Heavy Support. If all these slots have been filled, the player may add an additional 0-1 Elites, 0-1 Troops, 0-1 Fast Attack, 0-1 Heavy Support.

Deployment zones are in the corners of the gaming board. Players roll off, with the highest roller having first choice of deployment zone, the second highest the next choice, the third highest roller gets third pick while the lowest roller gets whichever deployment zone is left. Players must deploy their units within 12" of the long table edge and 24" of the short table edge of their respective corner.

Players alternate deploying one unit at a time, starting with the player who chose his deployment zone first, followed by the second player, then the third player and finally the last player. After each player deploys a unit (and its Dedicated Transport if it has one), the process starts again with the first player deploying his second unit. Repeat until all units are deployed. Units with the Infiltrate USR may use it to deploy after all other non-infiltrating units. If more than one player wishes to use the Infiltrate USR, alternate units in the same order above.

Note that units may begin this scenario in reserve, but this must be declared before any models are deployed.

The turn
In this scenario, the turn is resolved differently than in regular games of Warhammer 40,000. Instead of each player taking a full turn, each player will move, then each player will shoot, then each player will launch assaults. The system is described below.

At the start of each turn, players roll off. The highest roller is designated "First Player", the next highest "Second Player", the next highest is "Third Player" and the lowest roller is "Fourth Player".

Movement Phase
The First Player takes his Movement Phase, followed by the Second Player, Third Player and Fourth Player in turn.

Shooting Phase
The First Player then takes his Shooting Phase, followed by the Second Player, Third Player and finally the Fourth Player.

Assault Phase
The First Player declares and resolves his assault moves. Then the Second Player does so, followed by the Third Player and the Fourth Player.

Once all Assault moves have been resolved, proceed to fight each combat. The First Player gets to choose which combat is resolved first. This may be a combat not including his own models if he wishes. Resolve this combat fully. The Second Player chooses the next combat, then the Third Player, then the Fourth Player, back to the First Player, and so on until all combats have been resolved.

Please note it is perfectly possible (and likely) for three or four way combats to occur. Combat results for such combats are worked out as normal. The player with the highest score wins the combat. If two players scores are tied, consider both to have won the combat. Neither takes break tests. All other players compare their combat score to the winner's score to determine their break test modifier. If more than one player has units remaining in the combat after these have been resolved, there will be no Sweeping advances possible and all units which fail their break tests will fall back.

When all assaults have been resolved, a new turn begins and the process starts over.


The objective for this game is the entrance to Santa's cave. This will be placed in the exact centre of the table. The player with the greatest number of models within 6" of the cave entry at the end of the game wins.

Ending the Game
The game ends randomly, although the game can possibly go beyond 7 turns as Christmas is so important to the participating armies.
Roll at the end of Turn 5 - Game ends on 1-2
Roll at the end of Turn 6 - Game ends on 1-3
Roll at the end of Turn 7 (or later turns) - Game ends on 1-4

Falling back
Units falling back do not fall back towards a table edge. Instead they will fall back towards the controlling player's corner.

Special Rule - Blizzard

The game occurs during a blizzard. Roll a D6 for the blizzard at the start of each turn.

1 Whiteout! - The entire table counts as difficult terrain. All shooting is limited to 12" range and is at -1 to hit.
2 Very Heavy Snow - Shooting is limited to a range of 18"
3 Heavy Snow - Shooting is limited to 24" range
4 Moderate Snow - Shooting is limited to 36" range
5 Light Snow - Shooting is limited to 48" range
6 Clear!

Special Rule - Christmas Presents

Santa and his elves have wrapped up a few presents for his rescuers and some booby traps for his enemies. Due to the poor conditions, these have been scattered around the battlefield. There are 8 present markers on the battlefield. Any non-vehicle model may open a present it comes into base contact with. Flip the marker and consult the following table. Players alternate placing present markers after deployment, starting with the player who deployed first, then second, then third, then fourth. No present marker may be more than 24" from the entrance to Santa's cave, or within 8" of any models, or within 6" of another present.

1 - Booby Trap! The model takes a S6 AP1 hit.
2 - This model and his unit gain Defensive Grenades.
3 - This model gets a one-shot only gun. S9 AP2 Assault 1.
4 - This model gets a Combi-Plasma Gun
5 - This model gets a Power Sword.
6 - This model gets a one-shot only gun. S5 AP5 Assault 4.
7 - This model and his unit gain Melta Bombs.
8 - Booby Trap! This model and his unit takes 2D6 S3 AP6 hits.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

The biobomb mutates

The Biobomb has been going through some variations but interestingly they are happening at the start of each game. Biomancy is still the core of the list but Telekinesis and Telepathy are proving to be extremely useful. The flexibility of this shouldn't be underestimated! So what have I been finding out? There is still lots to learn in how to apply powers in this list!
More to see here

Thursday, 29 November 2012

A Warhammer 40,000 Scenario - The Infiltration of Power Station XT5

Pedro Kantor stepped up to the dias in the Strategium on board the Battle Barge "Eternal Vigilance". He looked around at his assembled Captains and Sergeants before turning back to the Hololith. "Brothers, I can no longer justify the continued prosecution of this war. We have sacrificed much but Diablos IV is soon to be lost to us. However, I will not allow the Tyranids to consolidate their gains here. Captain Cortez will lead a small strike force to infiltrate Power Station XT5. Their goal will be to set charges inside the nuclear reactor to destroy the station and contaminate the bio-mass the Tyranids intend to consume.

As the Crimson Fists filed out of the strategium, Kantor placed his hand on Cortez' shoulder. "A moment, Brother". Cortez held back until the other Captains and Sergeants had left and turned to his old friend. "Pedro...". Kantor cut him off. "Alessio, my friend, this mission is important, yes, but the continued survival of the chapter is imperative. May the Emperor watch over you."

This scenario takes place in the late stages of the invasion of the planet Diablos IV by Hive Fleet Nagaina. The historic battle was between the Crimson Fists Space Marines and the Tyranids, but could be modified to suit any two armies. This scenario is not suitable for tournament play for obvious reasons.

To represent the tangled ruins of the power station, the warren of corridors will be represented by a Space Hulk board (the squares are ignored). The standard Warhammer 40,000 rules will be used with the following modifications.

The Infiltration
Initially, the Tyranid forces are unaware of the presence of the Space Marines. The Tyranid player deploys six sentry broods of five Termagants each, within 6" of the objective rooms. These will move along the corridors in the same direction each turn until they reach an intersection, at which point the Tyranid player should randomise whether the brood will turn or continue in the same direction. The Space Marines are under the control of their player as normal.

This stage of the game ends immediately if any Tyranid model can draw Line of Sight to any Space Marine model.

The Battle
As soon as the Infiltration stage ends, the battle stage begins. The Tyranid models immediately come under full control of their player and play continues.

The Power Station
The corridors of the power station are damaged from previous battles, cramped and piled high with debris. They count as difficult terrain to all models (including those who would normally ignore difficult terrain), with the exception of all models mounted on 25mm bases with a 5+ armour save or worse.

The tangled corridors provide plenty of cover. All models have a 5+ cover save at all times. Increase this save by 1 for each full 8" between shooter and target.

Due to the size of the corridors, only Infantry (but not Jump or Jet Infantry) and Beasts models may participate in this scenario.

All models in this scenario are Fearless. The Space Marines know there is nowhere to fall back to, while the Tyranid Hive Mind is strong here and all models are assumed to be in Synapse range at all times.

Due to the tight nature of the corridors, when a blast weapon scatters it will stop when it contacts a wall. Find the point where the centre of the blast contacts the wall and resolve the blast there.

The Space Marine player must set charges to blow the nuclear reactor. To do this they must enter the objective rooms and assault the objectives. The charges will be set automatically. They must then escape the facility.

The Tyranid player's objective is to wipe out the enemy.

Space Marines
5 VPs for setting charges on each objective.
1 VP for every escaping Space Marine.

1 VP for every Space Marine who doesn't escape.

The Space Marines may not escape until at least one objective has charges set on it.

Ending the gameThe game ends seven turns after the first charge is set.

Tyranid ReinforcementsThe Tyranid player rolls on each of the following tables at the start of each of his turns in the Battle Stage of the game.

Table A
1 - 5 Ripper Swarms
2 - 10 Termagants
3 - 10 Termagants
4 - 5 Termagants (upgrade to Devourers)
5 - 10 Hormagaunts
6 - 5 Genestealers

Table B
1 - 2 Warriors
2 - 2 Warriors (upgrade Devourers to Rending Claws)
3 - 2 Raveners
4 - 2 Raveners (upgrade to Rending Claws)
5 - Hive Guard
6 - Genestealer Broodlord

These reinforcements roll on the following table to determine their arrival entrance.
1-4 Entrance on the Tyranid player's side of the table
5 Entrance on either flank
6 Entrance on the Space Marine's side of the table.

Crimson Fists Strike Force CortezCaptain Alessio Cortez with Artificer Armour, Combi-Meltagun and Power Fist
Terminator Squad (5) with Assault Cannon
Tactical Squad (10) with Flamer, Missile Launcher. Sgt. with Combi-Flamer, Power Fist.
Tactical Squad (10) with Meltagun, Missile Laucher. Sgt. with Combi-Meltagun, Power Fist.
Scout Squad (5) with Sniper Rifles, Camo Cloaks.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Hobby Butterfly

As many of you who know me will know already, I'm one of those people who always seems to have 4 or 5 different ideas on the go at any time. It's probably that I simply don't like repetitive painting, but like the idea of having large fully painted armies. Its probably why after the best part of 15 years gaming, I have finished far fewer armies than I should have. I also have huge amounts of unpainted and unassembled plastic, metal and resin sitting around the Lennycave.

So, I've decided to do a monthly series of articles to set myself goals to get me painting again. I'll still have multiple projects on the go, but this should help me to make some progress. I bought a pack of index cards, so I'll be writing my goals on these and posting them on the wall above my painting table as a reminder. I will post early every month as best I can (no promises on exact dates) including photos of my progress and probably a list of excuses as to why I didn't paint what I said I would, along with next month's goals.

So here's the goals for November.

Warhammer - The Empire
  • Knight - test colour scheme
  • Handgunner - test colour scheme

Warhammer 40,000 - Chaos Space Marines
  • Assemble and paint 10 man Chaos Space Marines squad

Warhammer 40,000 - Dark Eldar/Eldar
  • Assemble 2000 point army
  • Finish Wych squad
  • Finish Raider

HORDES - The Blindwater Congregation
  • Finish Thrullg
  • Finish Professor Pendrake

The things you learn...

So I spent alot of time flying this week and I spent some time rereading the rulebook.

I always fine that after playing a dozen or so games of a new ruleset or codex that it is a good idea to take a look again at some of the finer rules. You always find

So what did I miss first time out? Did you miss any of these too?

  • Running does not ignore dangerous terrain anymore pg 14
  • Random allocation  to shooting - if you can't tell who is closest randomise between models
  • When allocating cover from a units shooting, if any ONE firer from a squad can see 75% or less of a model then that model gets cover from shooting Pg 18
  • If a model is completely visible but a firing squad is shooting between intervening models  then the model gets cover- great way to get cover for your monstrous creatures /vehicles  if you are smart (shot must go through not over) Pg 18
  • Focus Fire can work on a particular type of cover save as well as no cover save - sniping potential
  • Overwatch shots are treated as normal shooting attacks so can focus fire - stop the charge by forcing broken coherency?
  • Overwatch shots are treated as normal shooting attacks so LOS is needed 
  • Sweeping advances, end of combat pile ins and consolidations occur as a step in the fight sub phase (determine results)... so no waiting to see how other combats go before you decide what your guys are going to do.
  • You no longer have to hit the model you are in base contact with if you are engaged with a model from another unit also... pick on that easy to kill guy! Pg 28
  • Planes have evade.. Monstrous creatures have Dive.
  • Templates ignore focus fire - so flame the nearest guys in the building and shoot the guys who are out of cover.
  • Smash allows you to reroll armour pens
  • Monstrous creatures hit by a tank shock get to make 1 close combat attack if they death or glory - as it is a close combat attack they can choose to smash and still have 1 attack - Nice!
  • Fortifications that are on the table but bought for you or your opponent count as having an AV 2 less than regular (Dilapidated)
  • Focused witchfire powers are only focused if you roll less than a 5 on your psychic test (that sucks unless you are eldrad!)
  • When generating psychic powers you can select from multiple disciplines so choose wisely based on results.
Only reread about half the book so maybe there will be some more observations on the flight home.

Anything you found interesting there? I hope so!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

DGG battle report Biobomb V sisterguard

The biobomb had its first proper test against a few tanks today.
Darragh was back from Germany and brought his Sisters with Guard allies out to play! A list he has been doing well at german Gt's (3 top 5 places from last 3 tourneys)

I put 3 powers on all the tervigons and rolled powers as follows (just listing those I used )
Hive Tyrant 1 Iron Arm  Haemorage
Hive Tyrant 2 Endurance Haemorage
Tervigon 1  Endurance, Warp Charge
Tervigon 2  Iron Arm
Tervigon 3  Iron Arm
Zoans 1 Iron Arm, 2* Enfeeble, 2* Leech
Zoans 2 2* enfeeble, 2* leech
Doom  Iron arm

This is what things looked like at the start

The dominions scouted forward shortly after to see if they could jump some of the big dogs before the psychic wall went up. The guards first turn was uneventful killing a handful of gaunts in my center and on my left flank.
An Interesting observation for me here was that in the lengthways mission that firelines are alot easier to manage as the angles are just so tight.

In response to the Devilgaunts opened up on the left flank blob, killing 7 (even with good saving and going to ground). Everyone is always surprised by them, especially when backed up by an enfeeble  and the preferred enemy aura from the tyrants.
The flyrants had both swooped forward from behind cover and one of them got first blood by destroying an immolator with his brainleeches. the dominions inside.
One of my Tervigons craps out on a 4 Boo! And they then fail a 6 " charge. the others only manage a 6 and a 7 respectively... not exactly the endless horde you would hope for

Turn 2
The Nids are already closing fast so darragh backs off and blasts the right flank tyrant (he with Iron arm up) with everything he can and takes a wound from him. Celestine kills a few more gaunts and continues to make a nuisance of herself.
Another tervigon  craps out this time on a mighty 6
The left flank flyrant tear chunks out of the left flank  guard squad helped ably by the devilgaunts leaving a lone lascannon team. The right flank flyrant explodes a rhino. But suffering from occasional stupidity as I do I forgot to move her.

Turn 3
The guard back off again, except for celestine who parks beside  my home objective and kills a few more gaunts but does take a wound this time for that pleasure.  The chittering hordes start to close in around her though... not sure if she can kill them all. She is up to about 18 kills so far though so not doing badly!!

Turn 4
I actually did a half decent job of talking through this turn... practice makes perfect... so

At this point I was well positioned with turn 5 coming up and firmly holding both of the left flank objectives with unwounded tervigons sitting on both, the big momma tervigon sitting on a 3rd with sisters who could only attach grenades to her optimistically (T8 at this point).

Turn 5

The guard blob kills the black tyrant and takes pasting in return from the grey tyrant. The 3rd trimester tervigon on the right flank is joined closely by the doom who kills another few sisters (I think she is up to about 14 sister kills + a few guardsmen.) The brown tyrant joins in the fun and the last few sisters make a break for it only to be smashed in 2 by the chasing tyrant.  I now hold 2 of 3 objectives.

Turn 6
Celestine the wagon that she is gets up but my home objective is swarming with gaunts so she decides to contest the second mid flank by shooting and charging the tervigon sitting on it. She fluffs her wound roles though and takes a smash from the tervigon which hits once but fails to wound. D'oh.  In my turn she does 5 wounds but the tervigon has endurance up so saves 2 .
The tervigon smashes her again in the nid turn  but her invuln keeps her alive

On the right flank the guard blob charge the tryant and the doom. The tyrant rolls well on his precision striking and  kills some gun crew for extra wounds, probably should have focused on the Comissar though as killing him would be alot more useful. The doom kills off some of

Turn 7
The 3rd trimester Tervigon fails to kill the tank sitting on the objective, The tyrant kills the  Comissar in combat and the Doom sucks in some more souls ( mainly the power axe guys which was nice). The guard platoon command is heading for the table edge in what looks suspiciously like fear but is likely simply some tactical brilliance luring the tyrant into a killzone.  The Tyranids hold back and consolidate their positions

Result win for the Biobomb against tough opposition.
Other observations include:

  • With 26 powers  to roll there are alot of useful ones floating around. Also worth observing that against T3 opposition some of the more uninteresting powers  (e.g. Haemorage) become a bit more useful. 
  • The aoe of preferred enemy on the tyrants is just awesome I love it.
  • enjoying trying to do video bat reps... will get better I promise :)
Thanks Darragh for a great game... hope to see you back in Dublin again soon

Sunday, 28 October 2012

How to gun carriages

I'm going to do a walk through on how to make a gun carriage like the one in the picture above.
So what you will need for this is some .5mm plastic card, some wheels ideally 10mm or 12mm dia, some heavy & little sprue, a heavy weapon & a face plate.
Start by cutting 1 piece of plastic card 40mm x 40mm & 18mm x 18mm, now glue the small piece to the larger piece in the centre at one end.
Next take a piece of the smaller sprue & lay it down with one side lining up from the corner for the small piece to the coner of the large piece.

Now cut out the shape of of the carriage beaning careful not to snap off the arms then cut a piece of small the  spure for each arm.

Put a little bevel on the end of the of the pieces of sprue for the arms & glue to the card.

Cut two pieces of the heavy sprue 18mm long & glue them in place agaian putting a little bevel on the ends where the arms are.

For a bit of detail add a few rivets ( water filter ) make a little indentation where you want each rivet to go.

Now just glue on the wheels,gunplate & gun then base & paint.

Monday, 22 October 2012

The Battle for Valamur

The Last Chancers and the Dublin Games Guild all Saturday in the Hobby Shack in Wicklow town.

16 players took part with 8 pre games determining the availablility of strategic assets and a follow up game of Apocalypse with ~44000 points!!  The event was a massive success overall with the forces of

So how did the event play out?

We were under time pressure so I didn't get as many photos or videos as I would like unfortunately... but the terrain standard was excellent and the attitude of the players superb. The 8 games were played out over 8 different world scapes - Ash Waste, Forrest world, mountain pass, Airfield etc.  Each game was playing for a different asset.
The Tyranids won Recon,  a Strat redeploy, a Replacements and deforestation assets. No-one managed to pick up the Ambush, Vortex grenade, Orbital Bombardment or Shield Generator (Drawn games). The forces arrayed against the hivemind picked up the Surgical raids.

So with that the setup of the final stages of the Tyranid infestation were played out. All of the other races; Tau, Eldar, Orks, Chaos and Marines were making a final - desperate - stand against the hive mind. No-one wants to be eaten I guess!

The battle is fought over the city named New Frank City in the organisers honour!
I am sure you will agree this is a very cool looking board, made up of 5 6*4 boards.

The Defenders setup in the center of the table  as follows

The Tyranids were broken into 3 forces and the area they were going to assault was determined randomly.
Commander Deredus (Marneus Calgar) lead the marines, wolves and Chaos in defence of the northern shrine and the Central administration.
The southern shrine was abandoned to the tyranids.
The Ork Warlord and his 4 stompas lead the central location (Fortress of redemption) supported by Chaos (dedicated to tzeentch), Eldar and Tau
Draigo, grey knights and chaos forces were charged with holding the communications rely and landing pads

The Swarmlord , gaunt horde and Tyrgons were assigned to cutting communications and confusing the last remaining imperial fleets into targetting the wrong locations with their barrages.
The Broodfather and the stealer hordes were already secreted in buildings all over the central administration district ready to deal the final blows.
Old One Eye led a force of heavy beasts to shut down the PDF HQ
The Parasite and Harridan were to sweep in on turn 2 leading the winged horde - blocking out the sun on their rivals.

With that the Game kicked off in earnest - the win conditions were simple, if the 10% or more of the defenders survived the encircling onslaught they would be victorious.


Battle for the Comms Relay

The Gaunt Horde arrived, immediately surrounding the grey knight and chaos forces. The undercity must have been made of ferrocrete as the Trygons all got confused and scattered all over the place!
Draigo rests control of the relay from the Chaos forces, originally charged with its targetting, in order to rescue his brothers in arms to his rear. Leaving the Chaos forces to face the might of  the swarmlord and his coven of hive tyrants.

Assault on the Valamuran PDF HQ

The horde of tank bugs rolled into the central city district intent on smashing the stompa force first and then heading in to assault the PDF HQ directly. Spearheaded by 3 Hierodules the big bugs did serious damage to one stompa and hunkered down to take the return fire, losing 3 carnifexes to a torrent of stompa shots
Meanwhile on the western side of the fortress a horde of tyranid warriors led by primes charged the Saim Hann Lines.

Defense of Administration District
To the south Magos Mhantain, leading from the observation deck of a commandeered Stormlord superheavy, commanded the genestealer hybrid forces from the front supported by full genestealer broods ,ymgarl strains and supporting warrior broods.In the north a mighty broodlord was leading hordes of genestealers in the assault on the complex, unbeknownst to the defenders many nests had been seeded throughout the buildings.


Battle for the Comms Relay
The Tyrants combine to destroy the frontline chaos forces with wordbearer marines &  terminators and close in on their primary objective. The barrage is unable to fire this turn as the objective is contested.  A Mawloc explodes right under the chaos havocs killing many and scattering others.
A horde of 30 gaunts crashes into 3 razorbacks in a wave forcing the knights inside to disembark and face the full fury of the horde.

A counter attack by draigo and his terminators kills the mawloc, a tyrant and they return to the lee of the comms relay to escape the arrival of the doom of malantai  who appears to suck the life essence from Chaos and Grey knight alike.

Assault on the Valamuran PDF HQ
The ominous beat of giant wings signaled the arrival of the Harridan and the first waves of Gargoyles to really add some bulk to the Tank Bugs assault. There was so many Gargoyles in the air the sun was blotted out .... nightfighting to target anything within 24 inches!

Now THAT is one big giant flying monster!!

Concentrated fire from 5 tyrannofexes and the shooty Hierodule crump the first of the stompas and deal minor damage to another....Once again return fire culls 2 carnifexes and badly wounds a hierodule, one tyrannofex is assaulted by a chaos Daemon prince intent on silencing it's guns, while another is assaulted by a number of Dark Angels intent on selling their lives dearly to stop the mighty creature from firing. A pod of Zoanthropes drop in and cause the collapse of the central tower in the PDF HQ, the Tau railguns jump from the roof but all bar one of them activate their retrojets before smashing into the ground.

Defense of Administration District
Extreme prejudice against the eldar continued with the stormlord whitling down the eldar before they were charged by a squad of Tyranid warriors.

Pictcapt of the assault on the main building!

The assault was repulsed by the dug in marines having taken most of the enemies attention but not without huge losses. The Broodlord himself was just about to assault the main lines with his remaining retinue when a nurgle biker lord screamed around the corner of the building and the retinue. The broodlord challenged the lord to combat and hypnotised him but couldn't wound him.

Lictors tried to assasinate the honour guard

The Ymgarls took the second Shrine and engage the demon engines. Both shrines were now lost to the defenders.

Mid Game the center table looked like this:

Battle for the Comms Relay
The Tyranids have the upper hand but Draigo and his terminators are not prepared to go down without a fight.Eventually 25 Hormagaunts managed to drag Daigo to the floor and kill him, but not before Draigo took another Tyrant apart.
A lone plaguemarine survives another turn alive amongst a tempest of 30 hormagaunts. He made 26 saves betwen turn 2 and turn 3, failed 2 and passed both FNP !! what a hero. At the bottom of turn 3 the final plaguemarine succumbed to the tide although his putrid body was left unconsumed by the gaunts. He had single handedly held up the left flank.
After killing the final Landraider a huge swarm of gaunts crept around the corner and their fleshborers found weakspots in all the terminator's armour.

Assault on the Valamuran PDF HQ

A mighty assault develops with 6 Killa Kans, Two Deff Dreads and 2 Stompas engaging in a true clash of the titans against 5 Carnifexes (including old one eye) and 2 scythed Hierodules....Over the next two turns they'd whack away at each other...This turn saw 3 kans drop, a deff dread, a stompa and a hierodule dropping! The tyrannofexes on the other flanks continued to be held up by lesser foes and shooting managed to do minor damage to the HQ complex.

Defense of Administration District
The Magos directed his stormlord to target the newly arrived Vampire superheavy. On the ground the Ymgarl stealers rip the pilots of the ravenwing speeders.
The Broodlord & Nurgle lord fight another round ... the nurgle lord is hypnotised again and the Broodlord fails to wound him.
Fresh from dropping his gargoyle broods on the the harridan  engages the vampire in a short range fire fight.

Contact at  5 O' Clock ... what the Frak!

Fresh from the conflict in the north, the harridan engages the Vampire in a short range fire fight. despite multiple hits the holofields save the vampire from serious damage and it redeploys.


Battle for the Comms Relay
In a last desperate effort to clear the comm relay of encroaching bugs Vampire flight is called into action.

Which immediately vaporises 2 trygons who had been terrorising grey knight defenders.
The Chaos also send in a supporting Hellblade which was quickly forced into evasive maneouveres and forced to leave the table.

Assault on the Valamuran PDF HQ

The mighty assault ends with one Hierodule (wounded) and 1 Carnifex managing to walk away from the absolute carnage. With the aid of the swooping hordes Gargoyles all the tank bugs are freed up to assault the HQ directly in turn 5.

Defense of Administration District
Heavily damaged in the previous turn, the stormlord switches attention to the nearby nightwing but the nimble eldar fighter danced through the hail of fire.
The stalemate between the rehypnotised Nurgle biker and the Broodlord continues.
The Harridan was not able to match the speed of the vampire hunter  and directed its attention to a nearby baneblade... taking 7 structure points off it and ripping weapons apart but not killing it.

Battle for the Comms Relay
The last few defenders are ripped apart and the weapons of the dead defenders are turned against their allies  in the main complex. The Commander himself was wounded and but for eternal warrior would have joined his allies.

Assault on the Valamuran PDF HQ
The tank bugs assault on mass the HQ and destroy it utterly! Killing/eating everything in the complex...The hierodule, flushed with its early giant killing victory finds a horde of it's cultists a the edge of the administration district , thrashing through the building and killing them all. The building was so utterly destroyed that the command systems for the missile systems were also destroyed

Defense of Administration District
The immobilised and severely damaged and the nearby cult forces shoot down newly arrived ork flyers and the Magos consolidates into the nearby shrine. Again the broodlord hypnotises the nurgle lord and finally... fails to wound him again!.
The Harridan crashed to the ground as the marine forces hit it with everything at their disposal...the glory went to a lone ravenwing pilot who inflicted the killing blow with the trusty heavy bolter. The joy of the defenders was short lived though as a second Harridan dived in to finish off the Baneblade.
The stormlord again tried to track the Nightwing but it slipped through the defences and its lances bored through the ceramite armour of the stormlord igniting its weapons stores and causing a massive apocalyptic explosion. The nightwing pilot had the pleasure of rolling the 4D6 explosion and rolled a massive... 8 inches :)

This still was sufficient to cleanse the southern district with nuclear fire... including the Magos... he might stick to limos in the future!

What a game. The best game of 40k I have had in ages. Huge thanks to everyone and in particular to Frank for organising and to the Hobby shack for hosting - really nice space for

Oh and if you want to know who won?  The Tyranids *only* managed to kill 75% of the allied forces. Nowhere near the 10% required for a victory but in truth I think everyone won.

There are already rumours afoot for the next Apoc event in a few months... Demons (with all 4 giant Forgeworld demons) and Eldar.
Now that is something to look forward to!

Friday, 19 October 2012

The Tyranid Horde Assembles

The Doom of Valamur campaign day is happening tomorrow at the Hobby Shack about 14 players so 30,000 points
Mike needed to get all of his Tyranids out for inspection.... here is what he found when he emptied his boxes!

This will be epic !

Expect some video reports on the story next week.

Valamur is Doomed

The Doom of Valamur - Campaign  day
The ongoing combats in the Valamur system have drawn in combatants on multiple fronts but outposts on the outer fringes have suddenly gone dark.  The latest report picked up by the imperial commisarat was
 ++++Priority 1 ++++ Send Reinforcements... send everything ...they are everywhere. Emperors light protect +++ 
The following pict image was attached to the transmission.
No futher communications have been possible.

Franks Conversion Corner

Frank has been hard at it once again... Learn how to make your very own Capillary towers that look great!

I am hoping these will be making an appearance around anphelion base for the interclub apocalypse tomorrow.

Read more on Frank's blog ifitwasntforone

Thursday, 11 October 2012

2013 Anyone But Frank Challenge - Chaos Space Marines

So with the release of the Chaos Marines Codex yesterday, the planning for my ABF army can start in earnest for next year's NWG tournament. Here's my army list at first glance at the book, this will likely change over the course of the next year. I'm more interested in collecting an army that will be interesting to play with and against rather than the traditional spammy tournament army list style.

Chaos Lord (185) - Lightning Claw, Power Fist, Sigil of Corruption, Dimensional Key. Mark of Slaanesh, Gift of Mutation, Veteran of the Long War.

Sorcerer (195) - Plasma Pistol, Force Axe, Sigil of Corruption, Spell Familiar. Mark of Slaanesh, Mastery Level 3 (2 Slaanesh, 1 Biomancy), Gift of Mutation, Veteran of the Long War.

Helbrute (120) - Heavy Flamer

10 Chaos Space Marines (258) - Close Combat Weapons, 2 Plasma Guns, Mark of Slaanesh, Veterans of the Long War. Aspiring Champion w/Plasma Pistol, Power Sword, Gift of Mutation.

6 Noise Marines (173) - 5 Sonic Blasters, Veterans of the Long War. Noise Champion w/Doom Siren, Power Sword, Gift of Mutation.

6 Noise Marines (173) - 5 Sonic Blasters, Veterans of the Long War. Noise Champion w/Doom Siren, Power Sword, Gift of Mutation.

20 Chaos Cultists (118) - 18 Autoguns, 2 Heavy Stubbers.

20 Chaos Cultists (100) - 2 Flamers.

20 Chaos Cultists (100) - 2 Flamers.

Heldrake (170)

3 Obliterators (210)

Defiler (195)

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Celestine Does Saxony

Darraghs Sisters of Steel face off - Can Celestine lead the girls  to victory?

Saxony part 1
Saxony part 2

Check out our foreign DGG brother here http://dakeryus-blogofwar.blogspot.de/

A weekend of painting and modelling

First up we have a Tervigon, beautiful model to assemble but it takes alot of painting! Little discoveries here are that brown ink is still awesome, dip does a passable impression of it and the discovery of a new colour... Carroburg Crimson, lovely colour over both browns (on the nests) and pinks (the Tervigons belly)

New Zoanthropes
I love these models. Great detail, light and drilled for a base mount and little cleaning
The Blade face models

The Tendril feeder versions

The lotus seed pod based conversions came out great below you can see a warrior based one, 2 genestealer ones and a gaunt one. You can also see the whole lot of them in a batch. All still need basing to be fully finished.

Lastly 2 spore pods painted - still need to add some Tendril arms... open to ideas how to make new ones! and still need to base them all of course.

As usual all Tyranid stuff can be seen on http://nidomnom.blogspot.ie/

How to jump packs


how to jump packs

Were going to have a look at a simple little way to make your jump troops look a bit more realistic.
So here's a little walk through for anyone who is interested.

take a base & a paper clip drill two little holes a few mm apart.

a marine with a jump pack remove the marine from the bas& drill two little holes in the jump pack

next straighten  out the clip & fold it in half then put the two ends through the holes  putting a little bit of super glue on the under side. 

 put a slight bend (45%) about 10mm from the ends of the clip & then test it by stick the ends into the holes in the jump pack.
 now take a a tree & cut some of the little pieces of it as seen above & fix them to the clips a small little bit of painters caulk on the wires is great for fixing them

 now spray it black & then after a minute or two spray with a little white so it should then look like this
 now just add marine tip don't glue the marine on for ease of transport
 & that folks is that one jumping marine hope this helps.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Tyranid Spores and Brood nests

Only thought about putting a post up on this work in progress after I was most of the way through. I picked up 20 Lotus seed pods from a flower wholesaler (about 10 euro). I have been playing around with them and my Bitz box for the last few days.

As per the advice from http://ifitwasntforone.blogspot.ie/. I coated these with watered down PVA glue which has helped stiften them up and help paint to stick (took ages to dry). I have gone with a yellower base colour than my brown tyranids as I went the bugs crawling out of them to stand out.


Brood Nests

More about Mike's Tyranids can be found on http://nidomnom.blogspot.ie/

New Zoanthropes

I picked up 6 floating aliens from Troll Forged that I am going to be using as Zoanthropes.

I think they are pretty nice resin models. They only had a small amount of clean up and the two types of posable heads make it easy to have different squads too.

The basing material is just the insides of Lotus seed pods which are proving to be tremendously versatile!

More about Mike's Tyranids can be found on http://nidomnom.blogspot.ie/

Thursday, 4 October 2012

How-to make Brood nests or Mycetic spores

Franks Conversion Corner

3 Euro                                          V              30 Euro

I just bought myself some Lotus Seed pods - these guys will look awesome fully painted and look dead easy to do. I think 2 back to back might make great Mycetic spores too.

To find out how just read more

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Tzeentch introduces BOO

Courtesy of his ETC experiences John has a new favourite model ... meet BOO and his tzeentchian friends. A journey into a new army! Word on the wind is that BOO is whispering of glories in the ear of a Guard platoon.. where will that lead!

Read more on John's Blog

Tyranid Biobomb

Mike has started to put together a Tyranid army with a ton of bio buffs. Read about his experiences and how the mighty Zoanthrope will change how you play your Nids! Here they come....


Meiotic Spores

Welcome to Franks Conversion Corner.

Todays topic is How-to-make ... Meiotic spores
Not drop pods... these are the bigger nastier version of spore mines from Forge world

Watch the conversion wizard in action !

Just click here for a step by step guide 

Friday, 28 September 2012

Assault on Corona Secundus - A Warhammer 40,000 campaign

Corona Secundus was discovered during the Great Crusade. The original inhabitants of the planet were known as the Drusheen, a race of primitive aliens who were quite easily wiped out by the detachment of Ultramarines and Imperial Army sent to bring the planet to compliance. It was discovered that the planet was suitable for human settlement and well suited to agriculture and was designated as an agri-world. Strange metal pylons were found at the poles as well as at equal points along the planet's equator, but no purpose for these could be discovered. Due to it's remote location, Corona Secundus was untouched by the Horus Heresy and continued to produce huge volumes of grain for the Imperium, all the while more and more of the world's dense forest was cut down for more arable land. Life continued for generations until the discovery of large reserves of promethium buried deep in the planet's bedrock in 546.M40. Over the next few centuries promethium drilling and refining became a major industry on the planet and large cities began to develop for the first time.

The planet was cut off from contact with all external contact by warp storms by 822.M40. Recently, these storms have receded and an explorator fleet was sent to the planet. On arrival the fleet discovered no trace of any surviving citizens, the cities had fallen into ruin and the vast forests had begun to reclaim what had formerly had been farmland. Further exploration by Inquisitor Hauptmann confirmed that the planet itself had been touched by the warp and was tainted and therefore unsuitable for immediate recolonisation, while the Adeptus Mechanicus confirmed that the remaining promethium reserves were still present and suitable for extraction. Inquisitor Hauptmann has discovered a weakening in the barriers between the physical universe and the warp. Daemons have begun to appear, originally in small numbers but as the taint begins to spread, they are becoming stronger. A legion of renegade Chaos Space Marines have designs on the planet, two seperate Tyranid splinter fleets are en-route, the Imperium has sent a strike force of Grey Knights to fight the daemonic incursion, while an Iron Hands battle barge and a force of Space Wolves have been re-routed to the defence of the planet. Reports also speak of walking automatons.

And so the battle for Corona Secundus begins........

The CampaignAssault on Corona Secundus is a campaign for Warhammer 40,000. Players will start off with smaller forces of about 1000 points and this will build up over the course of the campaign with the top four players fighting the final battle to decide the ultimate fate of the planet. The campaign will last for about 8 weeks, although this is subject to change depending on player interest.

The Warlord
Each player must select a HQ choice to be their Warlord for the campaign before the first game week. This HQ choice must be used in every game over the course of the campaign, and must have the same equipment and wargear each time. This Warlord may not be a special character. His characteristics and abilities may change over the course of the campaign.

At the end of each game, the player may roll on the bonus table if he wins the game and for each time his Warlord kills an opposing Independent Character or Monstrous Creature (The Warlord must personally make the killing attack).  If the Warlord is killed during the game he must roll on the penalty table. All bonuses and penalties are cumulative and permanent (unless stated otherwise) and no characteristic may be raised above 10 or lowered below 1. Players must re-roll should this occur, or if he gains a USR he already possesses.

Bonus Table (2D6)
2 : +1 Wound
3 : +1 Toughness
4 : +1 Strength
5 : +1 Initiative
6 : +1 Weapon Skill
7 : Gains Fearless USR
8 : May re-equip. Choose a new set of wargear for the Warlord if desired.
9 : +1 Ballistic Skill
10 : +1 Attack
11 : +1 Leadership
12 : Gains Eternal Warrior USR

Penalty Table (2D6)
2 : -1 Wound
3 : -1 Toughness
4 : -1 Weapon Skill
5 : -1 Initiative
6 : Reduce D3 randomly selected characteristics by 1 (excluding Ld and Sv) for the next game only
7 : Miss the next game
8 : Reduce D3 randomly selected characteristics by 1 (excluding Ld and Sv) for the next game only
9 : Reduce all characteristics by 1 (excluding Ld and Sv) for the next game only
10 : -1 Ballistic Skill
11 : -1 Strength
12 : -1 Attack

Each week games will be prepared for players who declare themselves available to play. These will be specially written scenarios for each game. Players will be provided with a briefing in advance of their game which will detail the scenario to be played along with the objectives the player will be aiming to complete. Players will not be informed of their opponent's objectives. The briefing will include the force organisation chart for the scenario and any restrictions on what may be fielded. These will often be non-standard, so players should be prepared for that. It is not necessary for a player to play in every week of the campaign

Non-Game Actions
Some weeks, players will receive the option to choose an action to take from a list of options. This may have an effect on which opponent they will play, give bonuses to the next game or change the restrictions on their armies.

Scoring System
Each objective will be allocated a number of campaign points (CPs), which a player will earn by completing their objectives. The total number of campaign points available may vary from week to week. The maximum number of CPs available each game week will be the same for all players.

The Final Battle
The top four scoring players will advance to the final battle of the campaign, which will be an Apocalypse game. The winner of this game wins the campaign. Players who qualify may build their armies to a points value not exceeding the number of Campaign Points that they have scored. Non-qualifying players and guest players will also be accommodated in this game should they wish, but with smaller forces and their own objectives, but will not be eligible to win the campaign.

The Narrative
A narrative will be written over the course of the campaign. Anyone who wishes to contribute is welcome to do so.

And Finally - Don't Be A Prick
We're all here to play games and have fun, not to slaughter our opponents with hardcore tournament lists or make our opponents cry. Just remember, the organiser controls your scenarios and what your army may contain. Hopefully it will not be necessary, but the organiser can make "random events" happen mid game if he need to.

The Players
Alan Condren - Chaos Space Marines
Frank O'Donnell - Tyranids
Ger O'Brien - Space Wolves
John Stowe - Daemons
Mike Tangney - Tyranids
Paul Quigley - Necrons
Pearce Condren - Tyranids
Philip Johnston - Iron Hands
Ralph Risk - Grey Knights

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Welcome to the DGG blog

Hello readers, and welcome to the blog of the Dublin Games Guild.

We decided as a group to set up a blog that any members of the club can contribute to. You can expect regular articles from some members while others will probably post only occasionally. This should ensure a wide variety of content, whether you like tactics articles, painting and modelling, battle reports, tournament reviews or are just interested in gaming in general, there should be something here for you.