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The Dublin Games Guild is a wargaming club based in Gamers World in Dublin city centre. We meet on Wednesdays from 6pm onwards. We have dozens of members who play a huge ranges of games Warhammer 40,000, ,Warmachine/HORDES, 15mm, historical etc. Come join us any time or email us on dgg@gregfarrell.org to arrange a game

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Eldar V Eldar Battle report

Myself and Kevin got in

Watch a pretty brutal battle between Kevins Eldrad led Eldar and my double Wraithknights :)


Saturday, 16 November 2013

A night at the DDG

The DDG meets in Gamers World on Jervis street in Dublin every Wednesday night from about 6.30 until 10.30 & is home to many trpe of gamers & games.

This little post is just away of trying to show anyone not familiar with our club but might have come across our blog what we're all about & I'll try to give some idea for what is played.

The most two popular games is warhammer 40k & magic card game but there is a big variety.

Games like battletech & boltaction can be found been played.

We got players that play board games RPG's & we range widely in age from late teen players to old timers like myself.
So if your reading this & are the type of person who likes to play games & live in the Dublin area why not drop in & see us, where always glad to see new faces.

I'm Frank & I'll rap it up at that & put a few more pictures below, so thanks for reading our blog I hope you enjoyed it.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

40K raw & rai

As we all know very well 40k is full of rules that are not very clear on how there meant to work, this can happen in different ways & the rule I'm going to look at here has as I see it two problems.
I'll begin with what got me thinking about this certain rule in the first place.

Also now I've a question about deathleaper's "what was that?" rule. Enemy units moving through difficult terrain roll 1 less dice than normal. Now if Deathleaper is being charged through difficult terrain, does the enemy unit then roll 2d6 as he has to roll 1 less dice than normal and then discard the highest as per the rules for assaulting through difficult terrain? Raw that seems to be the case. This case isn't mentioned in the Tyranid FAQ either.

The question above was asked by a mate of mine & is what I like to call getting into gray areas of the rules, now when I first read the question & looked up the rules I was inclined to agree with him from a raw point of view.

Then I got to thinking about it & became less sure,we start by looking at the rule what was that.

What was that, all enemy infantry units within 12" of deathleaper roll one dice less (to a minimum of one)when moving  through difficult terrain.

Now as I said there are two problems with the one above, the first one is how do you read the rule, does it only work in the movement phase or those it work every time you move ? or does it only work when you move like you do in the movement phase ? the second problem only happens if the rule is every time you move.

As at this point I've no way of know what was meant I need to look at the rule book to try to fine out, we can take it that the rule works in the movement phase.

Running movement is not slowed by difficult terrain but models running through dangerous terrain must test as normal. 
To run you roll a d6 but what would happen if the unit had a rule that let it roll more then one dice ? does it mean that because the unit is not effected by difficult terrain that deathleapers rule doesn't apply ?
By raw you would have to say that if the rule applies to all movement then the rule comes into effect.
Rai is of no use here as I don't know what was intended.

Next assault,All of the models in the charging unit their charge up to 2d6 following the same rules as in the movement phase.
If when charging one or more models have to move through difficult terrain the unit must take a difficult test, the units rolls 3d6 rather then 2d6 & uses the two lowest results as it charge range.

So how would this work with deathleapers rule, raw might lead you to believe that you only roll 2d6 & take away the highest or it might lead you to believe that you roll 2d6 but don't take way any & why do you get this problem ? because the rule is from a book that was for 5th ed not 6th.
But if it means that I don't roll 3 dices does it mean I still have to take one away as you could ague that I've already taken one away.
What about rai ? well the big problem with rai is the old how do you know what was intended ? it just so happens that if you have the 5th ed rulebook you can use it to help, as by using that we can see what was intended.

The rule only works against infantry models, now it just so happens that a infantry model could only move up to 6" in any of the above phase, which means that the intent of the rule was to lower the probability of you moving 6" not to reduce how far you can move, so what does that mean ?

Well if you believe that deathleapers rule works in all phases you could say well what about a unit of infantry falling back ? are we now to believe that deathleapers rule is to help your opponent out ? for my own part I  believe that the rule only works in the movement phase & as a nid player have only ever used it in that phase.

Even this doesn't really help as falling back & running (unlike a unit in the assult phase) doesn't say that the unit follow the same rules as moving, so are they both different types of movement & not effected by deathleapers rule ?

But if you think it works in all phases then do you need to be 100% sure of how the rule works before you try to use it & as there is no clear answer from a sporting point of view & gaming point of view I don't see how you can use it in the assault phase as there is no real way without an FAQ to know how this rule works.

With a new nid dex out soon this rule might not be an issue soon but until then I don't really think there is a popper answer to it, so what do you guys think & if you believe you know how it works could you please tell us in the comments section.

Thanks for reading & feel free to leave a comment.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

DGG Campaign - The Battle for Kallidus IV

Hi, this was originally posted on my own blog, The Hobby Butterfly Effect (thehobbybutterflyeffect.blogspot.ie). Since it's DGG related, I thought it might fit here as well.

The Death World Kallidus IV, in the Karsus Sector, is a largely uninhabilable world covered with gaseous swamps and jungle. A world valuable to the Imperium only because the gaseous deposits in the swamplands are convertible to promethium. Recently, however, archeotech from the Dark Age of Technology has been discovered when excavating the foundations for a planned massive promethium refinery. When the Magos of the Adeptus Mechanicus leading the excavation team touched the archeotech, a massive beam of purple warp light shot high into the sky.

This has served as a beacon for the dark forces of Chaos. Several warbands have made transit to Kallidus IV, including forces dedicated to Tzeentch and Khorne. The Imperial governor has called on all nearby forces, and contingents of Black Templars, Crimson Fists, Dark Angels, Space Wolves and 2 clans of Iron Hands have rushed to the aid of Kallidus IV. Although it seems it's not only Chaos that has been attracted, as contingents of Tau and Eldar have been detected, as well as the dark shadow of Hive Fleet Nagiana.

The Battle for Kallidus IV is a campaign I'm running for my club at the moment. The idea came to me to do something a little different for a change, as not everyone in our group wants to play tournament style games all the time, and some members were showing up for games night with normal armies and would get a little bored with being blown off the table by the opponent's tournament list. Now I believe no one style of playing 40K is the "right way" or "wrong way" to play the game, but it does cause annoyance and upset sometimes if two players arrange to play but both want different things out of the game. So I decided to run a campaign with certain restrictions on what the players could field in their armies, primarily to limit spam.

So here's the rules for army construction.
  • Players must use the same Codex in every game. If they wish to include allies, they must use the same Codex for their allies in every game in which allies are used. Using allies in some games but not others is allowed.
  • A Codex supplement may not be allied with its parent Codex. Players may not use allies to get around the other restrictions. (For example, players may not take a Space Marine Devestator squad and an allied Space Wolves Long Fang squad).
  • All armies must be built to a maximum of 1500 points, and all models must be WYSIWYG. It is preferred that all armies be fully painted if possible.
  • Players may not include multiples of the same unit from the HQ, Elites, Fast Attack and Heavy Support sections of the army list. (For example, a Tau player may select a squad of Broadsides, a Skyray and a Hammerhead as his Heavy Support, but may not take 2 Hammerheads)
  • Players may not include more than 2 of each different Dedicated Transport in their armies. If a unit is taken as a Dedicated Transport, it may not be selected from another section of the army list as well. (For example, if a Black Templars Crusader Squad takes a Land Raider Crusader as a Dedicated Transport, it may not take a Land Raider Crusader as a Heavy Support choice).
  • Players may not include more than 2 Flyers or Flying Monstrous Creatures combined in an army.
  • Special characters, with the exception of the Emperor's Champion, are not allowed.
Players are required to bring a paper copy of their army lists. They will not know their opponent or mission before arriving. This means they will not be able to tailor army lists to their opponent or mission. This, along with the restrictions above, should encourage players to bring more balanced armies and hopefully provide both themselves and their opponent with a different challenge to the usual.

The main storyline of the campaign will be the Chaos invasion of Kallidus IV and the Imperial defence of the planet, but the Xenos players will have their own plotlines and goals to follow too. I've therefore divided the players into three factions, Imperial, Chaos and Xenos. Imperial v Imperial, and Chaos v Chaos matches will be avoided where possible, as will rematches between players who have already played each other, with the exception of the final week, where the battles will be determined by the number of Campaign points players have accumulated by achieving their objectives in their games.

Our players are :
Phil - Iron Hands
Ralph - Black Templars
Patryk - Iron Hands
Stephen - Space Wolves
Alan - Dark Angels
Lenny - Crimson Fists

Paul - Tau
Mike - Eldar
Frank - Tyranids
Ronan - Tau

Kevin - Khorne Chaos Marines with Daemon allies
John - Thousand Sons
Jamie - Chaos Marines
Ger - Chaos Marines

My own role in the campaign will be to play in the bye-buster role in weeks where an uneven number of players are available, as well as to keep all the players in line. And if you don't believe that, here's what happened when Paul forgot his army list.
 photo DSCF0019.jpg


Taking my lead from the venerable Mr. Frank I figure its about time I wrote down some of my random gaming thoughts....I do after all have a lot of them, So here goes!!!!

Recently I was thinking about my Tau army and its composition. I'm known widely for being a tournament focussed player and so will lean towards taking the units that suit my play style and are generally regarded as being strong choices. For Tau, this tends to see use of things like crisis suit commanders, Riptide suits, broadsides and skyrays. All very cool and very useful bits and pieces. This combined with a pretty solid knowledge of game mechanics has led me to doing quite well with my fish headed friends.


There's a whole codex full of excellent things to be used! They may not be the most competitive in the world, but using stuff that can be regarded as "sub optimal" can really add some interesting flavour and mechanics to what could potentially become a stale formula....The beginning of this journey for me was using a highlander style list and Gaelcon. No duplicates as much as possible! This led me to using Longstrike, a Razorshark fighter, a farsight geared commander...etc. Just because I could! It may not have been the most dominant list I ever put together, but it required some serious playing to get it to synergise and actually win some games! All in all I was really quite pleased with how I went (despite long strike being deliciously rubbish!), for the next tournament I'm not sure I'll take the same list, but it does have me looking at choices I might have previously looked past...Which leads me to speak about the DGG's latest campaign. In this event I've made every effort to use every unit available to me, this includes sniper teams, stealth suits, crisis teams and *shudder* Vespids! I must admit, its been fun! So get on it folks, play with all the toys you've bought....At the very least you'll have some laughs and at most you'll find something that might be the new broken!


40K The times they are a changing

Right before I get into what this post is about I want to try to explain why I put it here, I've got a blog of my own but when I set it up I decided I would never do certain type of post on it, that's the first reason.

If the Dublin Games Guild had been up & running before I set up my blog then I might never had set up my own, but now every time I go to log into my blog I see the DGG blog & think it a pity no one post on it, as the club has a lot of great hobbyist/gamers who are more then capable of posting interesting things.

Another place I could have put this is over on w-ired, but in the end I thought here might be a good place for it & who knows it just might get people posting here again.

So what is this post all about ? its about that white elephant in the room in 40K tournament paly know as forge world, you see once upon a time this was easy for TO's to deal with or anyone who played 40k to be honest.

You see in the dark old days you need your opponents permission to use FW model's or rules in 40k (he can still refuse you by not playing you btw) but a lot of things have changed since then & I'm not just talking about FW saying now you need only make sure you tell your opponents the rules so you can use their models or rules.

When did all this start to change ? well I think it might have been in the current IG codex when GW added unit like the Hydra & the Colossus but never released models for them meaning that player either build their own or bought FW ones.

Funny that isn't it I couldn't use a model like FW's Salamander scout vehicle but I could use A Colossus or a Griffon in any kind of game of 40k & I didn't need anyone to tell me I could, yet the only one that make these models is fw, confused I bet you are.

Next to try to fix things up came FW's came up with the stamp of approval which basically meant that any unit made by FW was in their opinion balanced enough to use in a normal game of 40k seems fair enough to me but not to everyone it seems.

I'll explain something that a lot of players might or might not have notices & that is if you think of GW & FW as two different companies then by that same line of thing you've got to think the same think about GW & BL (Black Library), so what all that means is we've got 3 different companies writhing the rules for 40K.

The ko blow & its this space marine chapter tactics, we've got codex space marines GW, sentinels of tarra BL & FW's space marines chapter tactics, but could I bring my Red Scorpions with their FW tactics to a tournament tomorrow ?

Now I'm going to bring this post to an end with which is I my opinion the strangest thing I've come across in 40k tournament play & it this, we're no longer banning thing on the bases of who made the model but on who has wrote the rules & it seem as long as its not FW its ok to use it, but what would happen if a codex came out tomorrow that said in each of the foc slots you may take FW units that are part or this codex army & are 40k aproved ?

Thank for taking the time out to read this post & feel free to leave a comment I've put the link to FW marines tactics below.


Sunday, 9 December 2012

Pictureless musings on Daemonic journeys with IG

Hiya folks,
as the title says if you want pretty pictures then move on, nothing to see here on this post.

As some of ye know, I have been dabbling with IG of late and while they are based, they are unpainted because I do not honestly know if I will stick this course. So why did this course start? Flyers in a word, I don't like their ascendancy in 40K. The reasons are I think in a fluffy world of FNP Terminator troops, semi-invulnerable Daemons, robots saints and sinners (yes Thawn I mean you) that will not lie down quietly, that they have an all too non-fluffy relative invulnerability but tres commercial value in 6th Ed IMHO that will be eroded over time after many of us spend the cash to play GWs game (the real one not 40K). Daemons really don't have a decent answer to fliers (and before you state what I now know perhaps skim to the end).

I am a big fan of 6th Ed as it has the perfect answer for any army outside of Nids to any tactical problem ... Allies! So for anti-flyer I turned to IG after the Helldrake disappointed me personally in terms of both the model and its AA abilities (after all the pre-release hype).

First pass was shooty guard and I brought an allied contingent to replace my 2 Tzeentch Daemon Princes more or less points wise. I don't want to change my core ground assault Daemon list as I like the build. I opened with :
Fortification: Aegis Defence Line with a Quad Gun EmplacementHQ: Company Command Squad (CCS) with an Autocannon and an Officer of the Fleet Troops: Infantry Platoon with an Autocannon in each of the Infantry squads, a Commissar in one squad and 4 Flamers in the Platoon Command Squad (PCS) which typically rode in the Vendetta.Fast Attack: 1 Vendetta Gunship with Heavy Bolters.

What did I learn?
(a) If you don't hide the CCS they get taken out pretty quick which makes the Officer of the Fleet a useless spend
(b) More guns are needed for reliable AA duty(c) Heavy Bolters are a waste of time in this list for what the Vendetta has to do(d) Sometimes it's better to run than stand and fight (even if you get run down)(e) Sometimes orders fail!(f) The unit in the Vendetta will generally crash and burn so it's probably not a good idea to have passengers and if you do then don't kit them out.

Take 2 served me well at the most excellent Dominion Day 6 tournament in Belfast where I placed 3rd.
I ran changed take 1 slightly :-
Took vox casters on the CCS and dropped all the special weapons. Dropped the PCS special weapons. Dropped the Commissar and added a Hydra.

What did I learn?
(a) People cannot resist trying to take over your Quad gun, almost happened in 2 out of 5 tourney games but didn't.
(b) People fear the Quad gun so either it or the shooters will die quick, the shooters if there is not a lot cause you went with BS4 or the gun if you use the blob at BS3.
(c) Hydras scare people with flyers but they are not a hard target.
(d) Autocannons (even with plenty of shots and orders) are just not reliable at killing flyers
(e) Vendettas should hunt in packs
(f) Read the rules John, Grav Shute deployment is cool and some IG players know just the unit to put in them!
(g) the Take 1 and Take 2 approaches were too static for my daemon play style and as such were boring.
(h) Officer of the Fleet doesn't work very often (1 game out of the 5 in the event TBH) but when he did he definitely contributed big time to the big win!

So third and final take is a less static build and one that 'fits' the Daemon list in not just a synergistic way :-
HQ: Primaris Psyker with a preference for TelepathyElite: 7 Battle Psykers plus an OverseerTroops: Veteran Squad with Harker as the SargeantFast Attack: 2 Vendetta Gunships

So far this list feels the best fit for me, my Daemons and my playstyle. The Psykers deploy (and hide if necessary) at the outset and just add mischief to the list harassing back field Missile troops with Flak missiles who have intent to hurt Fatey. Taking Fearless away from fearless units is a very interesting tactical option as is Psychic Shriek on debilitated Leadership units. The Vendettas are a far more serious and reliable AA option, one might die early but the other (carrying the vets) tends to get the key kill(s) and gets to deploy the mischievous Harker Vets. 

I like this build because it has the rogue Psyker feel along with the assassin vets and is far more dynamic and tactically flexible which fits the way I like to play my Daemons (i.e. aggressively and in the opponents face), taking the fight to the enemy where I dictate. This is gonna get a run for a while and if I don't find this one fitting the bill I may go back to the 2 Tzeentch Daemon Princes (who I do miss to be fair). The only regret with this build is dropping the Officer of the Fleet but I am not prepared to break up my Daemon list of 9s for the sake of the IG which are only a support act (and a model that is even more randomly effective than the Daemons LOL). Not the most rational or WAAC rationales for list building but hey, the reason I switched for 6th was to enjoy a change and I am enjoying my Daemons and will only entertain things that add to the entertainment if you catch my drift.

So I am coming full cycle and as a Necron player of old am starting to feel more and more that flyers should be treated like Monoliths in 5th and largely ignored except for the few instances when you cannot, in which case you deal with them as best you can. For the meantime, I will play with Take 3 until it proves boring and ineffective.